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Among the Compromised- DOWN

Article by Tim McLaughlin, Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography Among the Compromised On a dreary December Saturday afternoon in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis, I meet up with the three founding members of Among The Compromised — E Kemp, AJ Noblitt, and Jared Wooten for a photoshoot. […]

Hoosier Dome Hits Home

Article by Syd Innovaria, Photography by Forgotten Aesthetics Photography Have you ever been to the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis? It’s one of the few places where people of all ages can come out and enjoy local (and touring) music acts without having to sneak someone in the back […]

Brandon Tinkler: What To Know

Article by Syd Innovaria, Photos by Derek Vorndran I had the fortunate opportunity to get some insight on the singer-songwriter¬†Brandon Tinkler recently. He’s got a self-proclaimed 60s psych pop feel which I do not disagree with. He had his album release party for “Open Up Your Eyes” at […]

The Buzz About Lauren Sanderson

Article by Syd Innovaria Photos by Cameron Postforoosh and Perri Leigh Photo by Cameron Postforoosh Have you heard about Lauren Sanderson? She’s a buzzing new artist who just got signed to Epic Records, and she’s really taking the industry by storm. She hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but […]

Joe Shelton: A Little Insight

Photography by Bailey Shelton, Article by Syd Innovaria Have you heard of Joe Shelton? No? That’s okay. We have, and we are here to tell you a bit about who he is. He’s currently in Indianapolis, writing some music and running a podcast called Moonshine and Music. Recently […]

Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn

Photography by Rich Barker and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography, Article by Syd Innovaria Coverboy singer Morgan prostrates himself before the audience.¬† Have you been to Punk Rock Night at the historic Melody Inn? Chances are if you live in Indianapolis, anywhere near 38th and Illinois, you’ve probably been there […]