Return of The D

By: Dick Blaine Tyner Hello, hey, ‘sup, greetings. It’s been a minute, one could say “awhile.” I believe the last I wrote for you guys was June or July with my review of Only Human‘s latest release. Well, I had to leave for a bit. It was my own […]

Plastic Drug Children

By: Syd K Innanovia So I’m sitting here talking to my kid’s dad about some shit and I suddenly remember I forgot to do this week’s comedy review. “I’m a comedian now. I have responsibilities.” Whatever. It took me like a half hour to get YouTube to load […]

UaZit: A Musical Entrepreneur

Photography by UaZit, Article by Syd Innovaria Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with this truly phenomenal artist who is coming up in the Indianapolis music scene as well. I saw him perform live at a show called Flight of Fancy in October. The show was a […]

I Refuse To Believe

By: Syd Innovaria I simply refuse to believe. I refuse to believe that we are bound by a greater fate. Purpose. I refuse to believe that hate is an inherent feeling amongst every human being. I refuse to believe that humanity is better than other living organisms. Above. […]

Moxxie; A Powerful Presence

Photography and article by: Syd Innovaria of Forgotten Aesthetics Photography In August I also had the privilege of meeting the wonderful band Moxxie after a group set at the Sinking Ship 2 in Indianapolis. They were a three-piece, with Jessie Phelps singing and playing guitar, Ryan Gibbons is […]