The Buzz About Lauren Sanderson

Article by Syd Innovaria Photos by Cameron Postforoosh and Perri Leigh Photo by Cameron Postforoosh Have you heard about Lauren Sanderson? She’s a buzzing new artist who just got signed to Epic Records, and she’s really taking the industry by storm. She hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but […]

Joe Shelton: The Americana Diaries

Album Review by Preston Dildine Photo by Bailey Shelton, Album Art by Joe Shelton   A huge fan of folklore, and the sounds of the region, this album intrigued me. The title alone, “The Americana Diaries”, excited me, and I mentally prepared myself for a musical examination of […]

Jeff Kelly and the Graveyard Shift

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography, Article by Tim McLaughlin Jeff Kelly in studio. First off, if you don’t know Jeff Kelly please get out from under your rock. Here is a little background on Jeff Kelly, loves three things: 1. His dog Moose 2. Playing music 3. Flannel…………..he […]

Joe Shelton: A Little Insight

Photography by Bailey Shelton, Article by Syd Innovaria Have you heard of Joe Shelton? No? That’s okay. We have, and we are here to tell you a bit about who he is. He’s currently in Indianapolis, writing some music and running a podcast called Moonshine and Music. Recently […]

Mental Maze: Davide Moscato

Review by Preston Dildine Album art by Valeria Sorce Puls’ Art and Design, Photo by Claudia Mastaglia and Angela Canigiula If you are in the market for a half hour of atmospheric delight, this album – Mental Maze – is just the experience you’re looking for. Davide Moscato, […]

Tracksuit Lyfestile: Golden Kings

Review by Sealab Tucker Album art by Matt Kroeger, Photo by Nikki Acosta A dead ringer for a punch in the mouth, this sophomoric album — Golden Kings — from Tracksuit Lyfestile, is not for the faint of heart. Upon first glance, you might feel intimidated by the 20 tracks […]