Never Without You

Somedays I’m happy what happened Some days I just wanna cry I wouldn’t take back what has happened ‘Cause everything’s opened my eyes But now I can’t stop my mind thinkin’ Of how I’ll stop thinkin’ of you And I’m thinkin’ I’m ‘bout to start drinkin’ ‘Cause I […]

Move, Bitch, Get Out the Way

Humbly speaking this stink that is reeking Permeates my soul every day This odious feeling is sending me reeling and wretchedness holds so much sway I need to elude this venomous snake kiss I’m gonna drop dead where I lay I’m gonna go crazy this shit it will […]

Takin’ Up Space

Just sittin around takin’ up space on your porch, Sittin around makin it skunk. It could be worse in my head I guess… I’m way worse in my head when I’m drunk. I’m wastin away everday Still feelin’ so very senseless But being inside your bright aura I’m […]


i got an achin in my belly and a rootin in my brain this constant prodding yapping is driving me insane. it’s just small conversations nothing gettin’ deep and every breath you exhale is makin’ this room reek.   Are you a poet, spoken word artist, etc.? Check […]