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Cyrus Takes a Trip

Photography by Courtney Books Photography, Article by Courtney Brooks Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers. Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers were coming off of an album release just three months ago and things were looking to take off when an unfortunate misstep sent their captain, Cyrus Youngman, in a […]

WazUaz and the Period Project

Photography by UaZit, Article by Syd Innovaria Period Project shorts.  Have you heard of WaZeil? Possibly not, but you should have. She is a unique original clothing designer and artist out of Attica, Indiana, and she has been designing clothing for over 10 years. She has partnered with […]

Real Talk is Keepin’ It Real

Photography by Space Anchor Studios and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography, Article by Dot Notos and Syd Innovaria Real Talk. Photo by Space Anchor Studios On December 11th, 2017, we went to The White Rabbit Cabaret to check out Real Talk. Here are some words from Dot Notos on the […]

Cyrus Has a Trip to Try

Photography by Space Anchor Studios and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography Article by Syd Innovaria Cyrus Youngman. On December 1st, 2017, something happened that would change the face of music forever. Or, just the face of music for some, I guess it depends on what you like. However, if you […]

Darren Cooper Album Release Show

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography, Article by Tim McLaughlin Darren Cooper The thing I love about this Indianapolis music community is the level of musicianship, collaboration and giving.  This was in full effect on this cool November Friday in the nouveau-hip Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, and in […]

Hearts For Blue October

Photos by Space Anchor Studios, Article by Dot Notos Blue October gathered on stage.  I love how accidents happen. One minute, you’re being asked to cover a show. The next minute, you find yourself sharing an intimate experience. This is exactly how my night (at the Blue October […]

Jack Broadbent at The Vogue

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography, Article by Tim McLaughlin Jack Broadbent.  WTTS FM has been bringing some big names to Indianapolis for many years, and The Vogue Theatre has been hosting amazing bands for far longer. On this day WTTS FM brought, I think, the coolest blues line […]

Sarah Grain is Something Wild

Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars at the Catacombs, September 9th. September 9th was an interesting day. I spent most of the day training for an acting job, and I didn’t arrive in Indianapolis until about 9pm. Earlier that day, my friend Doug  informed me his band […]

COASTL Local Motion Dance Party

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography and Dot Notos, Article by Tim McLaughlin Breck and Dustin of COASTL On September 22nd, there was a show at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis featuring local artists COASTL, Action Jackson and DJ Limelight. Here is what our photographer Tim had to say about the […]

Cyrus Hops… In Your Face

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Cyrus gazes into the sea of people before him. This show was something I had been excited to see for a great many days. Cyrus himself informed me several weeks prior that his band Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers would be headlining […]