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Plastic Drug Children

By: Syd K Innanovia So I’m sitting here talking to my kid’s dad about some shit and I suddenly remember I forgot to do this week’s comedy review. “I’m a comedian now. I have responsibilities.” Whatever. It took me like a half hour to get YouTube to load […]

Siddin Around: Ladies Today

Article by: Sid Vixen So I sat down this evening to watch some random YouTube videos, and it went very strangely. Justin Bieber: “Company”  First off, I’m scrolling by and apparently Justin Bieber’s got a new song, right? Another new song? Get out, please. Whatever, I might as […]

Siddin Around: Trump and Dancing

Article by: Sid Vixen What’s crackin, fantastic ladies and gents? This week I will be reviewing a few more popular trending songs and their music videos. I usually go to YouTube for this, of course. Thank you 21st Century and the luckiness to be born in this fucking age. Ariana Grande: “Into […]

Siddin Around: Nothing Ads Up

  Article by: Sid Vixen I often enjoy watching the latest trending music videos that have just came out. It says a lot about current society and what popular viewpoints are. Today, I watched Justin Timberlake’s video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. It’s been awhile since I have […]