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Voguely Intrigued

Photography and Article by Syd Innovaria Sarah Grain and the Billions of Stars.  I went down to The Vogue in Indianapolis to cover a group show with 7 artists in July, at the prompting of my friend Cyrus Youngman from the band Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers & […]

69 Shades but Grey ain’t One

Photography by Tyler Snodell, Jessica Clair Photography and Syd Innovaria, Article by Syd Innovaria The name for the show is funnier than it sounds. One day myself, UaZit and a few others were conversing over what to name the showcase, and collectively came up with the 69 Shades […]

Moxxie; A Powerful Presence

Photography and article by: Syd Innovaria of Forgotten Aesthetics Photography In August I also had the privilege of meeting the wonderful band Moxxie after a group set at the Sinking Ship 2 in Indianapolis. They were a three-piece, with Jessie Phelps singing and playing guitar, Ryan Gibbons is […]

My First KISS

Article by: Temple Ohl Photography by: Scott Owens of Mapiya Photography What can I say besides, “It was epic!?” We all remember that first time our lips met those of the one we desired. The anticipation for the thing that you want most in that moment, your palms […]