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Among the Compromised- DOWN

Article by Tim McLaughlin, Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography Among the Compromised On a dreary December Saturday afternoon in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis, I meet up with the three founding members of Among The Compromised — E Kemp, AJ Noblitt, and Jared Wooten for a photoshoot. […]

Firmament: Spirit Of Place

Album Review by Preston Dildine, Photo by Eric Carbenia, Album Art by Terry Ringler I want to go on record as stating that I keep finding myself reviewing bands that, after reviewing them, I simply cannot live without. This is another album that has brought me such joy in […]

Phasmids: Phasmids

Album Review by Preston Dildine, Album Art by Katie Hautman Jones Phasmids. Photo by Lisa Sullivan. If you are looking for an adventure in atmospheric musicality, this album is for you! “Phasmids”, the debut album from the incredible band by the same name (Phasmids) is a six-track gem, […]

Mental Maze: Davide Moscato

Review by Preston Dildine Album art by Valeria Sorce Puls’ Art and Design, Photo by Claudia Mastaglia and Angela Canigiula If you are in the market for a half hour of atmospheric delight, this album – Mental Maze – is just the experience you’re looking for. Davide Moscato, […]

Tracksuit Lyfestile: Golden Kings

Review by Sealab Tucker Album art by Matt Kroeger, Photo by Nikki Acosta A dead ringer for a punch in the mouth, this sophomoric album — Golden Kings — from Tracksuit Lyfestile, is not for the faint of heart. Upon first glance, you might feel intimidated by the 20 tracks […]

Eyeball: Paradox of Eternal Limits

Review by Sealab Tucker Album art by Robby Rodwell, Photo by Jodi Donkel I hate it when I compare new music to the old music I’ve been listening to. It takes away from the individuality of the band you’ve recently discovered. I do this, and maybe most of you  […]