Category: Artist Spotlight

Among the Compromised- DOWN

Article by Tim McLaughlin, Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography Among the Compromised On a dreary December Saturday afternoon in the Fountain Square neighborhood in Indianapolis, I meet up with the three founding members of Among The Compromised — E Kemp, AJ Noblitt, and Jared Wooten for a photoshoot. […]

Brandon Tinkler: What To Know

Article by Syd Innovaria, Photos by Derek Vorndran I had the fortunate opportunity to get some insight on the singer-songwriter¬†Brandon Tinkler recently. He’s got a self-proclaimed 60s psych pop feel which I do not disagree with. He had his album release party for “Open Up Your Eyes” at […]

The Buzz About Lauren Sanderson

Article by Syd Innovaria Photos by Cameron Postforoosh and Perri Leigh Photo by Cameron Postforoosh Have you heard about Lauren Sanderson? She’s a buzzing new artist who just got signed to Epic Records, and she’s really taking the industry by storm. She hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but […]

Joe Shelton: A Little Insight

Photography by Bailey Shelton, Article by Syd Innovaria Have you heard of Joe Shelton? No? That’s okay. We have, and we are here to tell you a bit about who he is. He’s currently in Indianapolis, writing some music and running a podcast called Moonshine and Music. Recently […]