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Syd works as a professional model, musician, painter and writer.

Mental Maze: Davide Moscato

Review by Preston Dildine Album art by Valeria Sorce Puls’ Art and Design, Photo by Claudia Mastaglia and Angela Canigiula If you are in the market for a half hour of atmospheric delight, this album – Mental Maze – is just the experience you’re looking for. Davide Moscato, […]

Tracksuit Lyfestile: Golden Kings

Review by Sealab Tucker Album art by Matt Kroeger, Photo by Nikki Acosta A dead ringer for a punch in the mouth, this sophomoric album — Golden Kings — from Tracksuit Lyfestile, is not for the faint of heart. Upon first glance, you might feel intimidated by the 20 tracks […]

Eyeball: Paradox of Eternal Limits

Review by Sealab Tucker Album art by Robby Rodwell, Photo by Jodi Donkel I hate it when I compare new music to the old music I’ve been listening to. It takes away from the individuality of the band you’ve recently discovered. I do this, and maybe most of you  […]

Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn

Photography by Rich Barker and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography, Article by Syd Innovaria Coverboy singer Morgan prostrates himself before the audience.  Have you been to Punk Rock Night at the historic Melody Inn? Chances are if you live in Indianapolis, anywhere near 38th and Illinois, you’ve probably been there […]

Scarlet Revolt Vengeance Tour 2018

Article by Syd Innovaria Scarlet Revolt. Photo by Lexplosive Pictures Aggressive rock band Scarlet Revolt from West Virginia has announced(and are currently on) their 2018 midwest tour. Fronted by the devilishly beautiful Eve and supported with Philip Hatfield on guitar, Phil “X” Crace on bass and C.J. on […]

Cyrus Takes a Trip

Photography by Courtney Books Photography, Article by Courtney Brooks Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers. Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers were coming off of an album release just three months ago and things were looking to take off when an unfortunate misstep sent their captain, Cyrus Youngman, in a […]

WazUaz and the Period Project

Photography by UaZit, Article by Syd Innovaria Period Project shorts.  Have you heard of WaZeil? Possibly not, but you should have. She is a unique original clothing designer and artist out of Attica, Indiana, and she has been designing clothing for over 10 years. She has partnered with […]

Real Talk is Keepin’ It Real

Photography by Space Anchor Studios and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography, Article by Dot Notos and Syd Innovaria Real Talk. Photo by Space Anchor Studios On December 11th, 2017, we went to The White Rabbit Cabaret to check out Real Talk. Here are some words from Dot Notos on the […]