Drunk Octopus Magazine values authenticity, creativity, and diversity. We publish articles that review underground music, community events, and all forms of underground art. We provide a place for the creative community to be recognized, as well as come together to support each other. 

Drunk Octopus Staff:

Jessica Bishop, Publisher & Editor in Chief:

Jess5.jpgThe younger daughter of history professor John Bishop and his wife Elaine, Jessica Bishop was 10 years old when her mutant telepathic powers first manifested after experiencing the emotions of a dying friend. Her parents took her to be treated by Professor Charles Xavier. While Xavier treated Jess he also used her to fine tune his Cerebro machine. When Xavier introduced young Jess to the astral plane a part of her mind manifested as a Phoenix raptor and touched the mind of Scott Summers in the orphanage. Later, Xavier erected psychic shields in Jessica’s mind to prevent her from using her telepathic powers until she was mature enough to control them. Eventually, using her telekinetic powers, Jess was a founding member of Xavier’s team of mutant trainees the X-Men as Marvel Girl. Upon a mission in outer space Jess was noticed by the Phoenix Force which took note of her unlimited potential. At this moment Jess had a vision of becoming the Phoenix but the vision faded from her memory as it ended. She soon fell in love with fellow student Scott Summers, and later would develop a strong attraction towards one of the team’s new recruits, the feral Wolverine before ultimately leaving both Scott and Wolverine to put her energies into creating Drunk Octopus Magazine.

Jessica also enjoys tacos and long walks on the beach.

Syd Innovaria, Operations Manager:

21458519_10155909292102871_816178918_o-1.pngSyd was born far, far away in the mysterious land of Laffy-Town on planet Nebulon. Syd is the only child of Dunwel and Ton-Chi, who have always been such mysterious interesting characters themselves. Being the leaders in their small kingdom, they have faced many battles and hardships throughout their lives.
When Syd was a child, she acquired supernatural powers. By age 6 she could heal people using her energy field. By age 8, she would have prophetic dreams that foretold of coming events, and, quite possibly the end of the world as we know it. As a teenager, she got the power of weather control and can now make it rain when she chooses, as well as call a tornado when one might provoke her wrath, so be careful.
After going through time as a wealthy philanthropist and part-time magician, she began to settle into a more “routinely crazy” individual, as she calls it. She got her degree at a human college in psychology and began her own photography business as well, Forgotten Aesthetics Photography. She has her hands in almost everything, from the music world to the fashion world, and seems to have assimilated quite well to human life on planet Earth. As she would tell you, “Humans are quite fascinating. Observing them is the least I can do.” She has these multiple careers in order to observe the human race, not because of sheer talent as one might like to believe.
Does Syd have a plan to destroy the Earth? Will we all eventually be brainwashed and eaten alive? Who knows.
To please Syd, please send or give offerings of tacos and strawberry milkshakes, or support one of her many careers you can find on her website. She loves reading, writing, playing music, art and photography, and this magazine. Her favorite authors are H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Hunter S. Thompson. Her favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Depeche Mode, among many others, and her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. You can find her band False Face Society online, where she plays drums, and We Are Gentlemen, where she plays bass. 
Approach with caution, my friends.

Courtney Brooks, Photojournalist:

Courtney Brooks.jpgI am Courtney Brooks, and I have a passion for photography. When people ask me what I like to take photos of, the question is tougher to answer than what you would think. I have chosen the path way of versatility and enjoy photographing concerts, head shots, creatures of the forest, oceans, mountains, the sky, and the list goes on and on. Everywhere I look, there is a potential image waiting to be preserved with the click of button on my camera.
I love being able to see the simplest of things in life and share it’s beauty for all to enjoy. My goal with my art is to contribute an experience, a place, a smile in a portrait, or the beauty of nature and provide an emotion and hopefully ignite the audiences own passions and appreciations.
When it comes to photographing music, I want to be able to communicate with an image what the band or musician is saying with each chord and lyric.  I love being able to showcase someone on stage because they are in their natural creative environment. The goal is for the audience to see the visual, then have it interest them enough to want to listen to the music.
As for many of my photos, the goal is to be able to find a human connection; whether it be present or moments cherished for many years to come. Ultimately timelessness and leaving a positive imprint on society is the goal of any artist! Please check out more of my photography work at Courtney Brooks Photography

Tim McLaughlin, Photojournalist:

I am originally from the Boston area where I developed my passion for music while listening to groups like The Cars, Aerosmith, Del Fuegos and the Pixies. In addition I was exposed to countless bands on college radio stations from Harvard, BU and Emerson College. It wasn’t until 2012 I teamed my passion for music with my love of photography. I had a good friend who was giving me guitar lessons, and after watching him perform live I realized I wasn’t going to be on stage. But, I had taken pictures of live shows and started to network with bands, promoters, and venue owners and found my direction.

I am first and foremost a live event photographer and feel most comfortable in the pit. I love being up front taking pictures (videos too), to get the shot but make sure I never take away from the experience for anyone else in the crowd. I am a documentarian, and my goal is to create a visual history of what this city has to offer. Be it a memory for someone who attended or a look into what was missed by someone who couldn’t.

You will find me shooting in dive bars like Melody Inn, venues in Fountain Square, bigger venues like the Vogue Theater, Old National and The Lawn. Festivals in Indy, Chicago and I toured with Veseria for a week in England and Scotland in 2017.

I have written album and concert reviews for National Road and Drunk Octopus Magazine. You can find more of my photography work at Hapless Guitar Photography.

Alan Michael, Graphic Designer:

39075673_1346064782190535_7452107681235468288_n (1).jpgNo one really knows who, or for that matter WHAT, Alan Michael is. He consistently floats between this reality and the realm of dreams. At a glance one might say he is absent minded for he always seems to be distracted. Always there instead of here and muttering to himself in hushed tones. But in truth he is busy formulating his plan of world domination. Weaving an intricate web of artistry as he makes his way through the world.

Some say he is a chameleon in a suit of human skin. Some say he is one of the old ones and a herald of Chuthulu. In truth he is a creature born from the fire at the heart of a star in a distant galaxy. Let it be known that he will see his mark burned upon this world before he is gone from this universe.

Along with his duties to the magazine he serves as lead yodeler and sonic architect for rock band We Are Gentlemen.

Sealab Tucker, Album Reviewer:

20180521_182414Hello friends. My name is Sealab Acton Tucker. I like to think I’m a loner, but then I reveal too much about myself when I’m drunk. I play the bass guitar really loud and then everyone gets mad at me because it shakes things off of the shelves. You can find me listening to comedy albums or making grilled cheese sandwiches or smoking cigarettes or drinking cheap liquor. Sometimes all in a row. Back in high school, I almost burned my house down. Twice. I really love the Golden Girls and I shook Doug Stanhope’s hand once. Never blame it on the alcohol.








Preston Dildine, Album Reviewer: 

Preston Dildine is an actor/director/playwright/choreographer on the regional level, who has recently broken into music reviews. Raised with a very eclectic taste in music, Preston is very excited to pursue his passion in it by reviewing incredible artists. He hopes that in doing so, he is able to spread their talents to a wider audience.

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