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WaZeil and UaZit: Newlydeads Tour/EP Release Announcement!

Article by Syd Innovaria/ WaZeil and UaZit, Photography by Forgotten Aesthetics
Photography/WaZeil and UaZit

Moneyhooning in Arizona. Photo by WaZeil & UaZit.
Moneyhoonin in the Arizona desert 2

Grand arms belonging to the ancient oak trees in New Orleans are busy swallowing the sky. Spanish moss effortlessly drips from the branches, gently kissing their shoulders as they stand facing each other for a sacred ceremony that will declare them newlyweds. 

Newlydeads. A summer tour to celebrate their recent union.

Trip Hop musician UaZit met visual artist WaZeil in 2014 and the two immediately fell in sync as one.“When experiencing their works, you will often tend to lose the thought of both being two separate individuals and truly receive their message as a whole.You’ll experience the pain, remember the hardships, and recognize the transformation in self reflection that you can’t help but relate with.” -Nikki Acosta, Magnetic Focus

On July 11, the Indiana based duo, will embark on their Newlydeads Tour with UaZit’s upcoming EP release, MOneyhoonED, in hand.

MOneyhoonED, UaZit’s new four song EP, is set to release July 11, 2019 on all major streaming platforms.

Album art by UaZit
MoneyhoonED Album Artwork

While at their show, you can expect an avant-garde musical performance by UaZit, a traveling display of original artwork by WaZeil and an abundance of unique handcrafted creations they have produced together.

The DIY tour will take them through the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard to perform in Detroit, Akron, Buffalo, Somerville, NYC, Savannah and more. For the full list of cities, visit
They plan to visit Niagara Falls while in Buffalo, camp on Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach and stay on a 300 acre tobacco farm while in Virginia.


WaZeil & UaZit

WaZeil and UaZit, in front of various wares they had for sale. Hanging up are many art pieces by WaZeil, and below the candles is their picture book from their honeymoon- or, Moneyhoon. Their clothing is all made by WaZeil herself. 

On the night of April 12th, 2019, the bosom of Healer shook with intensity. Healer is a beautiful DIY music and art venue in Indianapolis, full of several beautiful displays of artwork by various people within it’s many cubicles. Designed and founded by Matt Panfil, Ben Sutphin and Colin Oakley, it’s been going for a couple years now and it just keeps growing.
Tonight was a performance worth seeing. Opening was Robots and Magic Powers, followed by Nate Burner, and then, finally, UaZit.


UaZit is a performance artist unlike any other. Even the two artists before him were nothing to compare to the intensity and creativity behind what he brought to the stage. Not to say the first two artists weren’t good. They were wonderful. They were great, even. Well-liked in the Indianapolis music scene. Amazing musicians all in their own right, but this night wasn’t about them.
UaZit took the stage mostly in darkness. Unlike the others who used stage lights, UaZit created his own lighting. While performing his songs, he also had set up an iMac screen that was playing the videos to the songs he was performing. It gave an almost surreal experience to watch him physically perform it while the video plays at his feet. It was set up slightly off the stage on the floor.

UaZit is an art piece.

I’ve been following UaZit’s journey in this form for almost 3 years now, and it has been amazing to watch his music unfold and his performances grow.
This whole show felt like one long experience. It was like being taken from Earth and projected into another plane, ethereal and one-of-a-kind. The songs almost didn’t separate themselves, it was just a pause, a moment before the next movement began.

UaZit throws himself down before the crowd.

He threw himself down, laying on the ground, grimacing and twisting himself, becoming a caricature of art itself. A performance piece. I loved when I caught his lines talking about his beautiful wife. You need to listen to Moneyhoon, the most recent album he released and was on tour for at the time. This was their final stop on the duo tour. On this tour they stopped and got married, and he performed his music and she displayed her art, and their art they created together. It was like something out of a fairy tale. One thing that is beautiful about the performances is that WaZeil and UaZit are one. There is not one without the other, and this is displayed in the healthiest fashion possible. They support each other, lift each other up, brag about each other, everything you’d probably wished you could have in love. It becomes a unique experience all it’s own.
I won’t go too much more. You need to see UaZit perform. It’s trippy. It’s surreal. It feels like a Salvador Dali painting dripping down into your ears. His music is some of my favorite stuff and I hate that he doesn’t have his music on tape because all I have is a tape player in my car and I hate Spotify. You need to check out their artwork, their creations, everything they’ve made together. I have an art piece by WaZeil hanging up on my wall. I’ve never in my entire life seen artwork like hers- save for Ralph Steadman. Beautiful influence there.

Here, there had come two individuals who might have been tripping, or just really into the music, but this person and their friend in the red shirt were his most dramatic fans that evening. 

Follow the links in their introduction above to find UaZit’s music, WaZeil’s art/fashion, and their art they have created together. I wish I had a million dollars and could fund everything they do. And they’re such kind and real people, too. You won’t regret meeting them. They’re beautiful souls. Go buy some stuff and support them! Go to their website to find all the things mentioned above- music, clothing, art, even lip balm!

Moneyhooning in California. Photo by WaZeil and UaZit.
Moneyhoonin on the California Coast

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