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Brother O Brother: Big Things Coming

Photography by Courtney Brooks Photography, Article by Courtney Brooks

Chris stomping away on Georgia StreetDSC_0143.JPG

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brother O Brother, an electric two piece rock n roll band out of Indianapolis. I have seen them perform at several different local venues and they have yet to disappoint me. The most recent show I saw, was them opening up for Local H on Georgia St. as they kicked off Gen Con.

They provided a burst of flash and energy that will get you grooving to each and every song. The crowd of out of town guest were mesmerized by the sound produced by only a drum and a guitar. The best thing is their music can be heard on gorgeous artistic vinyls of many colors and design; some very limited editions. Speaking of which, they have a brand new EP, Monster Truck, that will be debuting and made available for purchase at Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square this upcoming Sunday.

Warner is a phenomenal drummer.DSC_1431-001.JPG

CB: Recently you had the opportunity to open up for Local H, are there any dream bands that you would like to be on a lineup with?

BOB: I know Warner would love to open for The Dandy Warhols & I would love to open for Jeff The Brotherhood, The Black Keys, or Death From Above 1979 would be dope.

CB: With the upcoming release of the new EP, what can fans expect from the news songs, and is there a favorite track from Monster Truck?

BOB: Just more beef and more developed bridges and solos. We really tried to focus on those dynamics and the favorite is probably Monster Truck or Howleujah

CB: As a band, you have seen some success; do you have any advice for an up and coming musician?

BOB: Get creative in your marketing and don’t feel like you are owed anything financially. We have been pretty ardent about trying to just save our cash for a long time and that has allowed us to be able to afford creative marketing tactics like a billboard for example this year lol. Also be ready for the big ask. Start finding ways to get important emails and connections and be ready to make the big ask. You get nothing you don’t work or ask for. Believe in yourself and your product and be honest with yourself if something isn’t up to snuff.

CB: Vinyl has provided Brother O Brother with a tangible product for fans to collect; do you have a favorite album in your collection?

BOB: (Chris speaking) I have this Hanni El Khatib Tri color record that I really dig because im such a fan and it was a real pain to track down lol. I would guess Warner’s Me Without You Tri color splatter would be up there.

CB: What are some of your favorite venues to perform?

BOB: The Hifi is fantastic but we really dig Gibson Music Hall in Appleton, WI , Company Brewing Milwaukee, MOTR in cincy, and Off Broadway in St. Louis are some real faves.

CB: You are known for high energy live rock shows, what’s going through your mind before you hit the stage and how do you feel the next day after?

BOB: I think both of us just don’t wanna put on a boring show. There is nothing worse than being hyped to see a band you love and they are just a bunch of statues the whole show. At this point is just that our equipment holds up generally lol. The day after all depends if we go back to work. It can be a bit of a shock to the system after a huge show and then the next day you are back in the work machine.

CB: Has there been any bands that you have had the pleasure to be on a lineup with that helped motivate you to take it to the next level on stage?

BOB: We got so stupid lucky and got to open for Diarrhea Planet really really early in our career. We actually opened for them on 3 occasions in total and their energy, their show, & their passion really put us on notice. Also our pals in The Cadaver Dogs are buck wild and that molded us to go farther early on as well.

CB: As we know in life, there is no such thing as perfection; has there been a moment in your musical career that made you feel like quitting?

BOB: Not yet, we have both quit other projects but nothing in this band has ever made us feel that way. We get toasted from turn n burn drives sometimes but its just the way things have to be with scheduling occasionally.

CB: Any last words to share with fans before the big EP release at Square Cat Vinyl on Saturday and what’s Brother O Brother have coming up in the near future?

BOB: GET OUT TO ROMANUS FEST THIS SATURDAY! We have so many killer bands coming in, heroes, pals, the whole gamut. A lot of these bands will be a great look into what it takes to be a working musician. In the near future we are doing a bunch of days with The Pack Ad from Canada which we are jacked about and we have Whiskey War Festival in St. Louis as well as Boone Row fest in Milly later this month.

Chris has some beautiful guitar skills.DSC_0078

The energy of Brother O Brother is nearly unrivaled. You don’t want to miss it.

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