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The Buzz About Lauren Sanderson

Article by Syd Innovaria
Photos by Cameron Postforoosh and Perri Leigh

Photo by Cameron PostforooshLS_CP_03sm

Have you heard about Lauren Sanderson? She’s a buzzing new artist who just got signed to Epic Records, and she’s really taking the industry by storm. She hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but recently moved out to LA to work on her third EP which is being toured on this year. She used to be a motivational speaker on YouTube, and then gave a TED Talk speaking about how parents should love their kids for who they are. You can find that video here. Her story is very inspirational and she’s a very ambitious determined positive individual. Recently she had a article in Cosmopolitan which you can check out here, it features a video interview with her and plenty additional information. We plan to be following up with her because it seems this ride has just begun. We had a chance to get a short interview with her, check it out below and for more information on her music, please go to her links following the interview.

SI: What inspired you to become a musician, and for how long have you been creating music?

LS: I’ve always wanted to empower people to be themselves and to be badass. For me, the past three years of making music has been exactly that.

SI: Tell us a bit about your journey so far in the music industry. What are some of the highlights that you find noteworthy?

LS: It’s been an incredible journey so far – being an independent artist for the first two years and creating in Indiana helped me so much to realize the insane amount of work and perseverance it really takes to make it in the industry. Since then, finding an amazing management team and having Epic Records has been a blessing as well, since they pretty much take all the business from me so I can focus on creativity. I can finally focus on being an artist.

SI: Let’s talk about your previous EP and single. What do you think you liked most about those releases?

LS: The thing I love the most about my music is that I always have real things to say. I never make songs based on what I think people will like, I just write what’s real to me and people naturally follow.

SI: We hear you’re going to be releasing a new project soon. Can you talk a bit about that?

LS: My next project is going to be my first official project with the label and I think the whole release is going to be wild. It’s six songs all about my journey throughout the past year – signing, moving, etc. I’m excited for people to finally hear this.

SI: What do you want people to take away from your performances or just hearing your music? 

LS: I just want people to leave my shows and feel like they can and will do anything/everything they want— like they can be whoever they wanna be. That’s it.

SI: Tell our readers where they can catch you on your upcoming shows. 


SI: Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

LS: My different inspirations change all the time, but my biggest inspiration of all time is probably Lil Wayne. A true genius.

To listen to her music, click here. Check out her website,
Follow her on Instagram at @laurensanderson, Facebook at, Twitter at, and her SoundCloud is

Photo by Perri Leigh
Lauren Sanderson - Perri Leigh

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