War on TV is Family Friendly, Kids

Photography by Forgotten Aesthetics Photography, Article by Syd Innovaria

You can feel the energy of Kevo and Laus here. 

Have you heard about War On TV? You definitely should have. Get on the internet and look them up right now. Don’t even wait until the end of this sentence.
War On TV is a machine-gun future-funk/post-hardcore group from Indianapolis, and they just had their album release show for the new record Family Friendly at Square Cat Vinyl in Indianapolis. We had spoken with them here at Drunk Octopus and arranged to meet with them for their show, and it was worth every moment.
These guys have a very strong, very full sound. Bassist Laus was pretty much front and center when we entered the venue, due to positioning of the stage and setup arrangements- but he was in a great position. He belongs on that bass. He makes you wish you played the bass, and you probably never picked up an instrument in your life. He makes you love it. The sound is so raw, funky and real. It’s almost as if the bass is the strongest instrument in the entire band.
Then you turn and notice the loud booming voice behind the microphone. Kevo doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s rapping. He’s rocking. He’s-wait…what IS that, precisely? It’s so unique, but you can hear the Rage Against the Machine influence from Zack De La Rocha, and then you can hear a bit of Johnathon Davis from Korn. There’s a bit of Incubus. There’s fun. There’s intensity like you’ve never felt before. It feels fucking good.

Kevo is in your face. 

JB lays down some super funky melodies on the guitar to back those two up. He was in super poor lighting for the stage, though. Will had some phenomenal drumbeats, and it all seemed to come together into the provocative splendour it was.
Kevo doesn’t hold still well. He was a sweaty mess about 10 minutes into their set. He’s a very passionate active individual on stage, which is one of the most thrilling things to watch. If an artist loves their music, the audience will love it 10 times more.
Laus simply can’t see. He’s like the Slash of bass, with his hair all in his face the entire time he is playing. You would never know if you couldn’t see him.

Laus, the Slash of bass

The whole show went super well. The crowd loved it so much they all screamed for “one more song” at the end, and that’s the best feeling on earth. You feel good for them, just seeing them get that encore is so rewarding. This band made an impact on their audience.
Some guy even screamed “Play the same song!”
No one would have complained, although they did NOT play the same song.
Opening for them earlier in the night was Leaders of the Shift from New York and Indianapolis locals Moxxie. Moxxie has been covered in a couple previous articles here as well, check them out if you get a chance.
We got a chance to sit down with War On TV after the show and talk to them a bit about themselves and the album.

Pay attention. War On TV has something to say. 

SI: When was War on TV founded? Tell us a bit about how it came together. 

Laus – Me, William, and Babcock had some songs we wrote that needed a singer, so we texted Kevo and said, “Hey fucker, do you want to be in War On TV?”

SI: What’s your inspiration behind the music you guys create? 

Kevo- Hallucinogenic drugs, sex, alcoholism, depression, and anxiety are what the music means to me, but in a hopeful way.

JB- The sun, plants, water, dogs, living energy.

Will- What it boils down to is love. When you can express a thought that’s greater than you can express alone, or with words, that’s what it’s about. And Meshugga.

Laus- The journey of finding the melodies that bring us together.

SI: The name, War On TV- what is the meaning behind it?

JB – I watch the news. I watch movies. I watch war on TV. But war is real. People are dying. I watch it from the comfort of my living room. I have an opinion but I have no idea.

SI: Let’s talk a bit about your new album. Where was it recorded? 

Indianapolis, Indiana. On the north side. At Uptown Sound Productions.

SI: Tell us a bit about the concept behind the songs you chose for the album. Is there a message you want people to take from it?

Kevo- There’s no real concept. But…Don’t kill yourself. Sex with hookers is looking for love in the wrong place. Drugs are…wait, what’s the question again?

SI: What’s the story behind the unique album art? 

There’s no real concept. But…Don’t kill yourself. Sex with hookers is looking for love in the wrong place. Drugs are…wait, what’s the question again?

SI: We really love what you guys did with it. Where can we catch you for your next shows? 

We’re recording a live album at State Street Pub on July 17th and writing the followup to “Family Friendly”, which we’ll be recording in August. We’re also working on some out of town shows that month. Stay tuned to our IG ( for updates.

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