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Burning Down The House: COASTL closed Indy Pride

Photography/Video by Hapless Guitar Photography, Article by Tim McLaughlin


Breck and Dustin in the spotlights.

Indianapolis’ 2018 Pride’s Saturday started with a parade on Mass Ave under a brilliant blue Indiana sky and ended with fire dancers, drag queens and the EDM duo know as COASTL.

The afternoon saw some of Indy’s top acts including (but not exhaustive list) Audiodacity, Veseria, 800 LB. Gorilla, the newly reconstituted Moxxie. I must say it is great to see Ryan Gibbons back on guitar, Jessie Phelps on guitar/ vocals along with new band members Valerie Green on bass and Daniel Guajardo on drums. It may be new members but the music is back, and it couldn’t be a more welcomed site. The range of music seen on this day at Military Park outshined a show just across the canal; David Byrne. Don’t get me wrong, David Byrne is an American music icon and his catalogue contains the stuff of legend. But come on, Indy Pride has drag queens and fire dancers.

Breck with Boi Gorge from the drag show earlier that evening. 

And then there is COASTL.

COASTL has partnered with organizations in the LGBTQ community in the past, when putting on an amazing show at the Vogue Theater last Fall as part of the Slay Sundays Queer Dance Party. Although if you spend any time with these two you know that they support the whole Indy scene. Not to mention that the way they embrace and use Social Media is imaginative and lighthearted, brings a smile to all the faces who watch it. (This is getting to be a little too fan-boyish. Sorry.)

Back to the show. 

COASTL had several dancers come on stage. Here is Breck with Ryne Stone.

So this multi media EDM duo of Dustin Franklin (Buffalo Trucker) and Breck Nilsson, with a name like Breck you don’t need another cool name, make up the duo know as COASTL. As I’ve said before, it’s not a typo it is really spelled that way. These two gentlemen see things almost like they are Mr. Anderson (NEO) in the Matrix. Their reinterpretation of already cool songs, make them into some of the most danceable tracks and have the artists, on this night its was three members of Audiodacity, come up on stage and perform is great. Breck works the stage as an emcee, a circus ring leader, and a cheerleader of what and who is doing good in this place. Tonight was obviously the celebration of Indy Pride 2018, and Dustin is the man behind the booth. You know who the wizard is, you see what the wizard does, and you are so thankful that these two have found each other.

Breck stops for a moment, elated.

The set started out with bass emanating while Breck slow walked onto the stage with fire dancers, choreographed lights, as a self-proclaimed #Spaceviking. The hour set, in addition to fire dancers, brought up three of the drag queens that had performed just prior to their set. The absolute joy on the stage as they danced to RuPaul’s “Supermodel (You Better Work)” may go down as the highlight of the night, but to pick one is next to impossible. Next saw, as mentioned before, COASTL bringing on stage three members of Audiodacity (Ben Jarvis, Adam Fox, and Jason Gregory). These three gentlemen owned the stage as they took turns laying down some serious rhymes and showed Indy the music is enhanced and grows when we can collaborate with others.

Adam Fox with Ben Jarvis  behind him, and of course Dustin making the magic come together.

You will see this community (LGBTQ) and the music community rally about to help each other out, and on this day the two communities did an amazing job of rallying to support each other and all who would join in. All are welcome, none are judged and if help is needed a hand will be shown.

COASTL with their accompaniments, as they bring Pride full circle. 

I’ll leave you with these words that I recorded from Breck as I left the festival; “We are so excited to party with you/ We love this city/ We love everything that Pride stands for/ We want to pay tribute to those who have the audacity to love each other no matter what/ No matter society/ No matter religion/ No matter friend’s pressure/ That’s true mad love and we pay tribute.”


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