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Scarlet Revolt Vengeance Tour 2018

Article by Syd Innovaria

Scarlet Revolt. Photo by Lexplosive Pictures
Aggressive rock band Scarlet Revolt from West Virginia has announced(and are currently on) their 2018 midwest tour. Fronted by the devilishly beautiful Eve and supported with Philip Hatfield on guitar, Phil “X” Crace on bass and C.J. on drums, they bring a sound that packs a house. On this tour they’re promoting their new album, Vengeance, which is prepared for a 2019 release.
Scarlet Revolt currently has released their EP, Awakening, in 2016 and their debut album Cold Town was released in 2017. There is a music video available for the song “Bleed” off of Cold Town, featured below:


This band is not easily forgotten. What we saw when listening to their music is that it really pulls you in, but not in a melodic or trance-like way, rather in a very feel-good punch in your face way. Their lyrics will really speak to you in ways you didn’t imagine. The instruments are being played, and being played well. You will get a classic rock vibe, but it’s not stock rock. It doesn’t sound the same as everything else you hear. There’s a unique twist to it, which makes it intriguing as ever. These guys are really bringing it all to the table, which has earned them several big spots opening for big bands such as Saving Abel. They deserve it, too.
Scarlet Revolt is currently signed with Rosner Management as of March 2018. We are really excited to see what they do with themselves after this.
But how will I see them, I’m in Indiana, you ask?
Well ask no more.
Scarlet Revolt will be performing at Taps Live on May 11th in Indianapolis, Indiana! Supported by local groups The Trees, The Taste, Raven’s Keep and False Face Society, this should be one hell of a show you do NOT want to miss. Check the front page of our website for the full flyer!
Here’s a run-down of the evening:
The Trees are a beautiful group from Indianapolis with a fun almost 70s vibe, mixed with something altogether new and fun. It’s both peppy and trancey, with lots of fancy guitar work. They will be the last band playing of the night, so if you’re feeling real good about then, they will be perfect for getting you in the “mood”.

The Trees. Photo by Kaiti Sullivan.

Raven’s Keep is also from Indianapolis, and they’ve got a strong classic rock feel. Loud and in your face! Frontwoman Glenda has a powerful beautiful voice that you won’t forget. They will be playing first, so don’t forget to come early and check them out! They will really get your energy flowing for the night!

Glenda and Lo Woods. Photo by Bill Iles.
Glenda & Lo Woods (&Tony) 6_24_17

False Face Society is also from the Indianapolis area, and they will perform after Scarlet Revolt. They’ve got a unique sound, loud but melodic with some punk sounds thrown in. You won’t want to miss the special guitar tricks done by Ton-Chi. It will blow your mind.

False Face Society. Photo by Tyler Snodell.

The Taste will play just before The Trees. They are extremely peppy and in your face, with frontwoman Blaze belting out lyrics that will make you feel too may things you didn’t know you felt.

The Taste. Photo by Forgotten Aesthetics Photography.

Scarlet Revolt will be back in Indianapolis later this year. Follow their page for tour updates and show announcements, no matter where you are!

Check them out on Facebook:

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