WazUaz and the Period Project

Photography by UaZit, Article by Syd Innovaria

Period Project shorts. 

Have you heard of WaZeil? Possibly not, but you should have. She is a unique original clothing designer and artist out of Attica, Indiana, and she has been designing clothing for over 10 years. She has partnered with UaZit, who is a musician and artist (we introduced him in an article back in 2016),  and they share many projects together. The WAZUAZ collection was launched in 2015. Their online store, www.stalph.co, features UaZit’s music, WaZeil’s clothing and their art pieces, along with several other accessories and fun merchandise. WaZeil has had her apparel on the Stalph website since 2016, and currently there are several collections available for purchase.
Recently, UaZit released his new album Iuniores, and on this album is a song titled “Period”. This was a huge inspiration for WaZeil, and they both began to collaborate on what is now aptly titled the Period Project, designed to bring awareness to the stigma of periods and create better access to menstrual products for homeless women, trans men and non-binary individuals in the Indianapolis area.
We took some time to interview WaZeil about their project.

WaZeil wearing the Period t-shirt.
W P Shirt


1. What was the original inspiration for the Period Project?

Inspiration was kickstarted with UaZit’s song “Period” that was released April 2017 on his album iuniōrēs.  The song topic revolves around everything that is a period.  Then, during our road trip to the west coast and back Summer ’17, we encountered an many homeless individuals and the conversation about access to menstrual products while extremely poor was brought up often between UaZit and myself. 

The stress of trying to budget menstrual products into an almost nonexistent income is a stress I fortunately have never experienced but many homeless women, trans men, and non-binary individuals DO have to worry about this. It breaks my heart to think that a necessity is still taxed in most states and disgustingly overpriced.  Periods are an awkward topic for many people still and because of this, conversations are not being started nearly enough.

With all this in mind, UaZit and I created “Period Project” with the intent to a.) spark conversations regarding the difficulties of accessing affordable menstrual products while homeless or living in poverty and b.) break the stigma that periods are taboo.  UaZit designed the image, I constructed the apparel and together we screen printed the design.

2. Where can people go to directly purchase this outfit? Is it custom made?
“Period Project” is available in the Stalph Apparel Store on our website. www.stalph.co

All the products are still handmade but this season, apparel is not custom made to order.  We created bulk before the collection was released for a faster turnaround time and apparel is offered in three common sizes: xs/sm, m/l and xl/xxl. 

3. Is it true the Period Project is unisex? The exact same clothing for any gender who might want it?

Yes!  Absolutely unisex to cater to everybody.  The more the merrier!

4. I hear you donate one-third of the proceeds from each purchase? What does that go towards?

One third of the proceeds from each “Period Project” product sold will go towards buying and distributing menstrual products for women, trans men, and non-binary individuals in need, in Indianapolis.

5. Do you plan to expand this project further than the Indianapolis area?
At the moment we are solely focused on giving back to Indianapolis, as it has given quite a bit to us in terms of love and opportunity.  Being that this project is extremely important to us, I do envision it growing larger than Indianapolis in the future. 

6. Is there a way to donate without purchasing anything?
Yes.  There is a donate button on the same “Period Project” page mentioned above. 

7. What’s next in store for Stalph apparel? 
UaZit and I are working on our Summer ’18 WAZUAZcollection.  It will actually be a collection of tour merchandise as we plan to leave mid August.  We will be releasing it at the beginning of summer to help fund the tour.  It is a spunky collection that uses shades of the primary colors and is circus themed because that is what UaZit and I are..a circus. 

UaZit wearing the Period t-shirt.

U P Shirt


Make sure you go to their website www.stalph.co to find out what they have in store, and to support this project!

Period Project shorts. 


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