Artist Spotlight

Cyrus Has a Trip to Try

Photography by Space Anchor Studios and Forgotten Aesthetics Photography
Article by Syd Innovaria

Cyrus Youngman.

On December 1st, 2017, something happened that would change the face of music forever.
Or, just the face of music for some, I guess it depends on what you like. However, if you don’t like this, I’ll seriously question your taste in music.
Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers had their album release party at The White Rabbit Cabaret, one of the most well-liked music venues by local artists in Indianapolis.
So I went to Indianapolis that night around 7:00pm to prepare for the show. We wanted to be there super early, even though two artists were playing before The KingFishers. Opening the show was Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery, and then the great ByBye. You should definitely check them out if you haven’t already.
The set up for the show was pretty intricate. They were prepared with a couple videographers and several photographers aside from myself. I had been contacted prior to the show to help the Kingfishers fire off confetti cannons during their first song, “New Years Eve”. It’s easily a super impactive pumped up party song, and when we all let off the cannons and Cyrus started singing the crowd went wild.

Watch the video for New Year’s Eve

The blur of confetti blended well with the mood.

People were packed up to the front of the stage so thick I could barely squeeze through for photos. People could touch Cyrus. People were singing along. It was such a beautiful thing to witness because I have followed these guys around for a little while now and really gotten to know them, and I have seen them play shows where less than 10 people attended. I have known good things were in store for this group for awhile, and it’s been super exciting watching this happen.
The energy was just astounding. People did not leave the front of the stage at all until the end, and it was still extremely packed. After they played the last song, “Trip To Try”, the crowd erupted in a call for “encore” “one more song” and I was beyond elated for them. They came back out and delivered another song as requested.

The faithful crowd. Note all the confetti on the edge of the stage. 

I don’t think I left during the entire set either. It was so mesmerizing and the way they perform is so exciting. He never holds still. He’s an exceptionally energetic performer with stage props and everything. He’s guaranteed to come out with some boxing gloves, a megaphone, some crazy dance moves and they also do plenty of interactive choreography during certain moments. When you’ve been to enough shows, you’ll notice certain patterns, but not everything is exactly the same. He reminds me of a bit of John Lennon, a bit of Bob Dylan, but most of all he’s original and unique. Very spunky creative character. If you want to really see a good show and be captivated, this is who you need to see.

Cyrus dancing with the devil.
After the final encore, people slowly filtered out, but tons of them stayed to buy an album copy and congratulate Cyrus and the rest of the band on their amazing success so far. He released it on vinyl which was even more amazing. Make sure to go get a copy of their album, ” Trip To Try“. A good way to describe this album is exactly as it’s named. Their music will take you on an adventure like you’ve never been on before. It’s as if from the beginning to the end you’ve been whisked away by a magical sorcery that makes you feel everything you ever wanted to feel. It’s exciting, it’s peppy, it’s a party, it’s emotional, it’s real, it’s perfect. I think you should put it on repeat at your next gathering, or in the car when you drive to the beach. There’s plenty of socio-political references, too, and plenty of love.
I didn’t get to stick around very long afterwards. Usually I stay a lot longer. It was such a phenomenal show and I can recall being so overwhelmed with happiness at the end of the night. I think most of us were simply stunned by how beautiful everything was. The White Rabbit Cabaret is a lovely venue on many levels- the sound is amazing, the lighting is super fun and the whole room is very old-fashioned. Go check it out just to look at the walls. Or sit in the chairs. It’s fun.
Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers play a show one Thursday a month at The Casba Bar in Indianapolis. If you can catch them, you really should. It’s a free show- for now.
Don’t wait until these guys are too famous for you to afford their shows and you have to stand like 500 yards away so it’s not even that good.

Cyrus isn’t sleeping, he’s waiting.

Go to their website for tons more fun info, signup for mailing list, order t-shirts, you name it.


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