COASTL Local Motion Dance Party

Photography by Hapless Guitar Photography and Dot Notos, Article by Tim McLaughlin

Breck and Dustin of COASTL

On September 22nd, there was a show at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis featuring local artists COASTL, Action Jackson and DJ Limelight. Here is what our photographer Tim had to say about the event:

So there is this duo called COASTL and before you tell me I spelled it wrong, forget it.  I have had to turn off my autocorrect feature so the program doesn’t change the spelling.  I contacted the band to see if they could provide some context to the groups name.  There was a cool reason for the band’s name according to one of the members and then a not-so-cool reason.

Cool reason first:

“The name is talking about the coast of earth, where our atmosphere touches space. Think of it like space’s coastline.”

The not-so-cool reason:

By spelling it this way “it gets us a way to trademark the name,” “we weren’t prepared for a trademark legal battle.”

Now this pair, Breck Nilsson and Dustin Franklin, are not trying to be the next Chemical Brothers or Aphex Twins or even ShyGuy Says, it’s even better than that. They take all the cool parts of those acts and mix in local music, which shows their love and adoration of Indianapolis’ music scene. They might be the coolest thing in the city right now. 

They are one part Party DJ, two parts interactive light/video show, and three parts locals only radio station.  All that plus a killer shoe game and boundless energy, you have one hell of a homage to INDY!

Breck of COASTL and the sea of party-goers. Can you spot our other photographer, Dot?DSC_7290

The bands song’s were not just sped up, slowed down, or auto tuned they were recreated and brought to life with a light show and visuals that made it an experience like the first time you heard it.  Let me digress, U2 has a song called “I Know I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight,” that on the album was kind of blah, but they remixed it and it turned out to be an eight minute techno song.  Many folks roared at the end and thought it sounded familiar, but until they said the song’s title most had no idea what song it actually was.  This was the same.  With the visuals the show brought you got to see the band, but you still had that same feeling after you heard the song. 

I got a sneak peak of the show during their performance at #SlaySunday (Queer Dance Party) at The Vogue Theatre (less the video screen) and I knew the guys had made something special.

I spoke to Breck as they were loading in and he told me that the light/visual aspect to some of the songs took ten to 15 hours to perfect.  The relief and joy was visible on their faces as the set went off without a hitch.  Or if there was a “hitch” you couldn’t tell because of the ear to ear grin they each had on their faces.

COASTL’s remixes, light show, and visuals were as complicated and as diverse and the bands that they picked.  From the relative newcomers to Indianapolis’ music scene like Tommy and 800 lb Gorilla, musically eclectic bands like Audiodacity, Tracksuit Lyfestile, Dell Zell to straight up guitar bands Minute Details, Happy Incident, Among the Compromised and the venerable Veseria

Breck and Dustin.

If you didn’t know any of the bands I have two suggestions:

1. Please get out there and check them out. This city / region has an amazing pool of talented musicians.

2. The previous paragraph is great starter list of bands you should see. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please see local music blogs, record shops, and ME!

Dustin working the sound. Photograph by Dot Notos.

Following COASTL was Night Train  featuring Action Jackson and DJ Limelight who closed out the show. Our other photographer, Dot, captured a couple of beautiful images of these guys during their set. They had several different people on the stage, some of whom we are still not familiar with. We will be featuring an article on them pretty soon, so stay tuned for that!

DJ Limelight. Photograph by Dot Notos.

Jim Kincaid. Photograph by Dot Notos. DSCF0456

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