RIP 2016

As 2016 draws its final breaths, I am left with a choice of what to write for you guys.

2016 took a lot from us. Many actors and actresses. Rock stars. Legends. Princes and princesses. Gorillas and Guerrillas. The American way of life as we know it.

2016 also gave us a lot of things, like Dat Boi and Joe Biden Memes. It also gave us a lot of great music! So I’m going to do what any writer desperate for a piece to write would do, a list of my favorite albums from 2016.

These are my favorite albums from 2016 and what made them so great to me. These albums are not ranked in any particular order:

Mountain Grave–Massive Structural Collapse12496355_1132530660091972_670629085904683335_o

Blackened death metal at its finest, Mountain Grave is the creation of Brian Rush (formerly of Theophagy.) It’s latest offering was a face melting destroyer of senses that I jammed many a time. Full album review in the future.

Mark Tremonti is one of my favorite guitarists, and in my opinion one of the most underrated and overlooked guitarists alive. His solo project, Tremonti, never disappoints and Dust was a fantastic album of riffs and awesome. Some of my favorite tracks are Catching Fire, Dust, and Unable to See.

Recode The Subliminal–The Cost of Every Mancover

Ryan Strain and this merry band of Czeck metal maniacs created a fantastic and killer album with The Cost of Every Man. Full album review found here.

We’d Be–Beyond The Line of Sanity12874067_10156790152210165_2066290354_o

I’ve been following We’d Be for years now. Good friends of mine. Through many lineup changes, and many ep’s, they finally put out a full length album of entirely new material (save for one song, and a couple redone bonus tracks.) BTLOS played frequently in my car for many weeks and still ravages my shuffle from time to time. Favorite songs are Party Ghost, Croc BBQ, Rum Gun Salute, Storm, and Between The Wasteland and The Sky. Full review found here .
Killswitch Engage–Incarnate


A worthy follow up to 2013’s “Disarm the Descent,” Incarnate delivers a face smashing. Now that Jesse is back and better than ever, it was time for him to see if he could sustain the magic, and he came through. Favorite songs include Cut Me Loose, Hate By Design, Just Let Go, Strength of The Mind, and Until The Day I Die.
Among Legends–Ataraxia (EP)among-legends-ataraxia-ep-cover

My Good friend and former Across the Sun vocalist Brandon Davis has a new band, Among Legends. Fronted by Brandon and former Indeliable Terror vocalist, Tyson Randall, we get a beautiful landscape of metal and epic. So much melody and beauty. Favorite tracks are On The Run, Ascension, and Dichotomy.

Gemini Syndrome–Memento Mori13528613_10153788802068525_5454306217531489622_o

The follow up to Lux, Gemini Syndrom brings us a new, more uplifting and unifying body of work. The album focuses more on humanity as a whole and the current state of the world socially, rather than personal struggle. My favorite songs were Remember We Die, Eternity, and Say Goodnight.
Glass Hands–Exit Letters13681018_1046583188712928_8744342572008530009_n

This album, and this band both were a huge surprise to me. Exit Letters is an amazing work of this generations take on metalcore. I WILL be reviewing this album in the near future!
A Day To Remember–Bad Vibrations14138728_10154427930773446_9061534451915951783_o

A Day To Remember, pop-punk metalcore extraordinairs released their latest effort and it did not disappoint. I loved this album, and while it fell short, in my opinion, to their last few albums, it did offer a new sound from the band. Bad Vibrations is a great album with a much more mature sound overall, while still having that classic carefree and fun feel that the band has always had. My favorite songs are Paranoia, Naivety, and Justified.

FLAW–Divided We Fall13392167_1162996933744674_8102613020964017871_o

I’ve never really been a giant fan of FLAW. I saw them locally back in 2009 when my friends Narrow House opened for them, and I was not impressed in the slightest bit. It wasn’t until my now former bandmate, Lance, told me the new stuff kicked ass that I had to give their new album, Divided We Fall, a chance. I wasn’t disappointed. I loved it. I loved the content, I loved the music, the lyrics. It was all fantastic and moving. Favorite songs include: Do You Remember, Let Me Go, and a piano version of their song “My Letter.”

Crowtein–King Ov The Rats14225428_856202587844253_4762230091768080104_n

Ever wondered what an Always Sunny In Philadelphia themed powerviolence album would sound like? Look no further! The debut album by Crowtein is fucking crushing. King Ov The Rats violates your ears and makes you want to deadlift a million pounds.

Of Mice & Men–Cold World15741008_10154890177123824_685557729104784100_n

Cold World was a vastly different sound from Of Mice & Men’s previous album, “Restoring Force.” Once again, a more mature sound, and a lot more clean singing from vocalist Austin Carlile. Cold World offers a much more calm and dark feeling compared to Restoring Force, but has it’s moments of fight and energy. Favorite tracks are Away, Real, and Transfigured.


I plan to write a full article on my Yellowcard experience, but this album was interesting. The final Yellowcard album, it wasn’t my favorite in their discography, but it landed a spot on this list because it is their final release. Building on the sound from the previous album, “Lift A Sail,” Yellowcard gives the fans one final work that doesn’t disappoint. Favorite songs are Rest In Piece, Hurt Is Gone, and Savior’s Robes.

In Flames–Battles14055126_1068288413219917_3749307169923480523_n

Finally, a good In Flames album! It’s been a rough minute for the Swedish metal band, but finally an album most can agree is good. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Battles had some great moments full of emotion and some really kick ass guitar licks. My favorite songs were The End, Save Me, and Battles.

Metallica–Hardwired…To Self-Destruct20160818_193928_7549_939483

Oh man, you’ve been reading up until now and NOW I get to the Metallica album? Yeah.

Korn–The Serenity of Suffering14409482_10154436111795761_5951017104438220224_o

An awesome return to form, Korn goes back to their original sound from Life is Peachy and their self-titled debut. With an almost completely original lineup, Korn really hit it hard again. Awesome screams and lyrics from vocalist Jonathan Davis. My favorite tracks were Rotting in Vain, Black is the Soul, and Take Me.

All album art taken from each bands Facebook profile.


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