Return of The D

By: Dick Blaine Tyner

Hello, hey, ‘sup, greetings.

It’s been a minute, one could say “awhile.” I believe the last I wrote for you guys was June or July with my review of Only Human‘s latest release. Well, I had to leave for a bit. It was my own choice and I’m here to explain why, and go over what is to come after this.

Around the time I joined the Drunk Octopus team, I also began auditioning for a vocalist position in a local band, soon after I was accepted into the band and began writing original music as well as learning older material. Singing for and fronting a band is one of my greatest passions, and it had been years since I had had the opportunity to do so, so of course I took it very seriously. A few months into singing for this band, we were really ramping up to play shows and needed more songs written, so I decided to put that first, and go on a short hiatus here. I felt as though if I were doing anything other than writing for my band I was neglecting a responsibility and goofing off.

More time went by and things weren’t quite working out with the band and I (I will go into further detail about this at a later date) so I decided to part ways. So, Now I am back. You guys get your fix of Dick and Metal.

15311563_10157925484660165_1697529121_oAfter this post, I hope to become a more active and permanent fixture here at Drunk Octopus yet again as the head of all things metal and awesome! I already have a few ideas rolling around in my head for articles that I plan to write. My usual album reviews and the occasional show review will still be happening (I have three or four albums waiting to be reviewed) as well as more! I have a few series and mini-series articles planned for the future. I plan to tell the story of my musical adventure: where it started, influences, my journey, and where I am.
Also, recently I have upgraded and updated my home studio quite a bit and have decided to explore the recording and mixing side of music more. In doing so, I kept in mind that I would be returning here to you guys and I wanted to find a way to somehow combine both of these passions.

For a few years, I have done vocal covers and posted them to my Youtube Channel as a means of putting my vocals out there and using that as an outlet for vocals while I tried to find a new band. Part of doing a vocal cover is the recording process. I don’t just throw on a song and yell at a camera, I take the time to properly record myself and then shoot and edit a video. I take the time to edit and mix the vocals in a way that mimics the original production of the song I am covering. So, I want to start a series where I do vocal cover, and then I write about it and explain things like why I chose the song and what it means to me, the process of recording and mixing it and what techniques I used throughout the process. I think it will be fun, and maybe insightful for those who wish to do home recording or vocal covers themselves!

Aside from these series, I will be doing other articles such as my opinions on subjects and matters in the metal and music community.

I can’t wait to begin this all and to share all of this with you guys, the readers! Thanks for reading and thank you for all the support you give Jessica and the rest of the Drunk Octopus team!

Love and Metal,




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