Artist Spotlight

Philly Band Prevailer Talks New Music, Band Life

By: Jessica Bishop

Hailing straight out of Philadelphia, PA, self described progressive metalcore band Prevailer recently released a 6 track self titled EP.  They are a five piece band consisting of Bobby Mcgruther (vocals,) Tim Dyson (guitar,) Jackson Newcomb (guitar,) Corbin Smith (bass,) and Dylan Volb (drums.) Mcgruther and Dyson were kind enough to set some time aside and talk to me about their new music and life as a band.

15179085_10100486846917485_4416924264682302292_nWhat are some of your influences?

Mcgruther: “Vocally for me I pull a lot from Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red) and Ronnie Canizaro (Born of Osiris)”

Dyson: “Fit for a king, Forevermore , Veil of Maya , Volumes, are some of mine guitar wise. I like keeping it dark, upbeat/bouncy, and always heavy.”

Mcgruther: “I’d agree with Tim on that. Instrumentally I think we have a lot of modern metalcore influence.”

Dark and upbeat, that’s interesting. Tell me about your album. 

Mcgruther: “It’s a 6 track ep. I’m very proud of what we did. It’s definitely something I have fun playing every show. Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King did a guest spot on the song Same Mistakes, and for me that was huge because I’m a big FFAK fan.”

Dyson: “We have our own studio and recorded , mixed, and mastered everything ourselves. I like that every song is different in its own way and when you hear it you can be like, oh that’s Prevailer I know that sound, it’s unique.”

15134518_10100486845909505_314789779_nThat’s great! And impressive you did everything yourselves. What do you think the biggest struggle is that you have had so far as a band?

Mcgruther: “Our bassist owns Soundsmith Recording Studio in Sewell, NJ. He’s amazing and was very meticulous on everything we recorded. I’d be in the vocal booth tracking the same line 10 times just to get it perfect. We’re a completely independent band. No label, no management, all our booking, promotion, touring, merch is paid for out of pocket. For now it’s a good set up for us. I think we’re lucky though. With the type of members we have. Tim bought our van (PreVanler) for real cheap, but because he’s a mechanic he just made all the repairs himself. Corbin (our bassist) owns a recording studio. I used to work for a booking company. We all have our ways of being useful outside of just being band members.”

Dyson: “We surprisingly haven’t had any struggles really as a band. Everybody works hard and puts in 100% , we split costs of everything and work as a team. And for being a metalcore band in an uprising scene of straight hardcore/downtempo music we definitely come out hard and present ourselves very professionally.We have lighting setups , professional backtracks and effects, and love getting in the crowds face.”

15078677_10100486846727865_3736831928546460076_nWhat would you say your biggest goal is a band? Where do you see yourselves headed?

Mcgruther: “I just wanna be able to go on tour and not have to worry about money or getting a job when I get back. I wanna play everywhere. I’ve always wanted to play Warped Tour. Like, I know that’s such a scene kid thing to say but, come on, it’s such a great festival.”

Dyson: “We all work full-time jobs, I myself have a child. I do whatever I have to do to make time for the band. Music is my passion and I have my entire family behind me 100%. We all want to make it big and just inspire the next kid In the crowd that wants to start a band.”

Awesome! If you could tell my readers one thing, what would that be?

Dyson: “If you want it you gotta work for it. Network,make friends, connect . And most of all have fun.”

Mcgruther: “Surround yourself with “why not” people not “why” people. People who are going to nurture your art, not try and discourage it. The “why” people are the people who, when you say, “Oh I wanna start a band” they go, “Why?  Why would you wanna do that? You can’t do that.” The “why not” people say, “Why not? Just go for it.”

I love that! I couldn’t agree more. And why should someone come to one of your shows or listen to your music?

15181433_10100486845984355_557265741030361532_nMcgruther: “Do people like fun? If you wanna have fun come to a show. We’re so high energy and like to just hang out and party with everyone.”

Dyson: “All of us give it everything we got on stage you will never be disappointed. We are fun to watch and our performance is tight. Fans will feel the rhythm, get goosebumps, and want to throw it down as hard as they can and sing the words with us.”

Mcgruther: “Just scream my lyrics in my face fam.”

15153003_10211123331340303_1721472396_oYou can find all of Prevailer’s music at or on their Youtube channel, here. You can also purchase merch directly from the band by emailing If you would like to see these cool cats in person, their next show will be at the Championship Bar and Music Club in Trenton, New Jersey on December 16th!


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