Pop Songs for Ugly People: Broadway for the Ears


By: Jessica Bishop

Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Horse faces and giant babies! The moment you all have been waiting for is almost here! Indianapolis local band, Bizarre Noir‘s long anticipated album, Pop Songs for Ugly People, is almost ready for release. Bizarre Noir is a band as unique as they come. With a style that can only be described as a musical circus, they bring in originality to everything that they do.

unnamed-2Entertainers to the core, Bizarre Noir draws their inspiration from the circus and burlesque groups they have performed with in the past. “They really put themselves in danger, and expose themselves on many different levels for the audience. Back stage you see the burns, the blood, and the tears. It’s a sacrifice!” admires frontman Chris Charles. That sort of dedication shows through in their live performances. Earlier this year I had a chance to catch their act at a Doom Room event. (You can read that article here,) and it was nothing short of spectacular.

Pop Songs for Ugly People lives up the originality of the band. It reads more like a musical than your traditional, everyday  album. In fact the album has so much depth that it was more like listening to a story put to music than it was just a handful of songs thrown together. The saxophone peppered  in throughout is an unexpected surprise. It’s almost as if Primus and George Michaels got together to write a broadway soundtrack for American Horror Story: Freak Show. Normally I would just give you my favorite couple of songs and that would be the review, but with Pop Songs for Ugly People it would be just downright unjust to hear any one song without the others. This is just one of those albums you need to set aside time to listen to in it’s entirety.


When asked about his favorite part of the album Charles stated, “Having Mark Ortwein of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra playing horns is definitely my favorite part of the album and the best experience I’ve had as a musician. He was amazing to watch while recording! We expected him to play on a few different songs, but he came to the studio and just went all out. It was an absolute game changer! Now it feels like we have a symphony playing with us.”

Pop Songs for Ugly People is set to be released on January 14th at the  5th quarter lounge in Indianapolis, Indiana. Currently Bizarre Noir has a Kickstarter for the new album. The Kickstarter allows the band to cover the costs of the physical album printing, as well as worldwide digital distribution on every major music app, such as Spotify and Itunes.  The Kickstarter also allows fans to purchase limited edition merch such as shirts, hoodies, and dresses. (Thanks for the dress option guys! I feel like that gets overlooked a lot in band merch and I’m glad you guys thought to put one in there. Not to mention it is super cute!)


For just a $10.oo donation on their Kickstarter you can get the whole album! You can check out all the awesome merch bundles on their Kickstarter page here. If you would like to find out more about Bizarre Noir, you can visit their website at: Or you can follow them on Facebook at:



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