Artist Spotlight

Sami Atari: Local Artist Climbing His Way Up


By: Jessica Bishop 

It’s hard to miss the drive and passion when speaking with Sami Atari. Residing in Lafayette, Indiana he has earned the nickname, “Everyone’s Favorite Local Boy.” Sami Atari describes his style as hip hop with a large alternative influence.  His inspirations range from Master P, Coolio, and other old school artists of the like combined also with bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Blink 182, and Rage Against The Machine. He strives to show his diversity in the hip hop scene not only with beats, but also with his writing styles and delivery. His new album is aptly named, Don’t Suite Me.

My favorite song off of Don’t Suite Me is “Days Like This.” The video is haunting, but the song has an inspirational message. It relates to the everyday struggles that we all face, and even though those struggles are different individually, as a whole we are living life together and are more alike than we all think.

Recently Sami Atari had his biggest concert yet, opening up for the legendary Tech N9ne.


Photo by: Casey Diaz of TheRippOffShow

Atari stated that, “It was definitely an experience! Biggest and best show I’ve had to date. The best part is I got to do it in front of my hometown. Had a blast doing it, and the fact that I got asked to do it made it even that much better. That just shows that people are starting to notice me and show support. #765Shit.”

His next show is at the Lafayette Theater where he will be performing alongside Wax and Palmer Squares. You can find tickets, as well as more information for this event, at . Atari says, “If you want a guaranteed good time you have to hit my shows! It’s a party start to finish! My music will keep you thinking while you vibe out and besides that, I didn’t name myself #EveryonesFavoriteLocalBoy.”

You can follow Sami Atari on Facebook or catch him on Instagram and Twitter @atarisbck_jil.


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