Moxxie; A Powerful Presence

Photography and article by: Syd Innovaria of Forgotten Aesthetics Photography

In August I also had the privilege of meeting the wonderful band Moxxie after a group set at the Sinking Ship 2 in Indianapolis. They were a three-piece, with Jessie Phelps singing and playing guitar, Ryan Gibbons is the bass player and Jamie is the drummer. They shared the stage that night with Brother O Brother (a two-piece) and Gypsy Moonshine (a 4 piece at the time). They have since added another guitar player. This show was absolutely phenomenal from all sides. They were all so friendly and fun after the show, and I made sure to get merchandise as well.


SYD: How long have you all been playing together? Have there been other members in the group before? What made you all decide to start this band?


Jamie : We have been playing as a group since March 2016. We started with a different bass player but unfortunately had to part ways. Ryan moved to bass and we brought on a fantastic new lead guitar player, Joe Strakis (he wasn’t with us yet for this show). We decided to start Moxxie because as a collective we saw a lot of opportunity in Indianapolis to create a brand that could draw crowds, and be both creatively and financially rewarding at the same time.



SYD: Is there an origin behind the name Moxxie? Was it a group idea or individual?


Ryan: The name was kind of a group effort. Jamie was the first one to suggest it, we all came in when deciding how to spell it and how to create the logo.



SYD: When you guys played this gig (referring to the night at the Sinking Ship), how did you feel about it? 


Jessie: This show was singular because it was the first and only Indianapolis show where we played as a 3-piece. Ryan was filling the bass spot that night, which worked out because that was when we realized he should stay there full time. The crowd was very receptive, we sold some merch, made some new friends, watched two other great bands, and overall just had a really enjoyable time.



SYD: About how many shows do you think you have done to date? Do you branch out of Indianapolis at all?


Jamie: We’re sitting at about 30 shows right now, most of which have been here in Indianapolis. We have done a few out of town, but nothing out of state. We are playing our first out of state shows in late-October and mid-November this year. We are also starting off 2017 up north near South Bend. We do expect to play more regionally and less in town over the next year and beyond.



SYD: What’s a few of your favorite songs to play out of what you have recorded? 


Ryan: My favorite song to play live is “Give It To Me” off our self-titled album. We also did a video for that song will be released in December. It’s just got this swanky 90’s grunge vibe that I love.



SYD:  Who are some of the artists or other groups you look up to the most?


Ryan: Some of our favorite local groups are Veseria, Brother O’ Brother, Tracksuit Lyfestile, Shadeland, Minute Details, Among The Compromised, COASTL…..all of these groups bring it hard live and have their own flavor. They’re all just really awesome people. We respect the musicianship and hard work they all bring to the table, and their songs are next level. To us they are the backbone of a vibrant, colorful, rocking music scene here in Indianapolis.



SYD: When are your next upcoming show dates and where?


Jessie: We are in Columbus, OH at Rambling House Soda 10/28 Halloween weekend. 11/19 we are travelling to Appleton, WI to share the stage with our friends Veseria at Deja Vu Martini Lounge. On 12/9 we are screening the video we just produced for “Give It To Me” at Fountain Square Brewery. We are taking the rest of the year off to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. 




Definitely go give them a listen. They have a wonderful sound and put on a great show! Go to their shows if you can, too, it’s worth it!


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