Brother O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Photography and article by: Syd Innovaria of Forgotten Aesthetics Photography

I recently contacted the group Brother O Brother to do an interview, after seeing them live at The Sinking Ship 2 with Moxxie and Gypsy Moonshine in August. They were a stellar group! High energy and really eye-catching to the audience. They are a two piece, but they sound like a full band! I was blown away about how fun they were. Warner is the singer/guitarist, Chris is the drummer.  Toward the end of the show the singer (Warner) ran out into the crowd and got up on the bar to play for a moment, it was so cool. I can’t wait to go see them again. They are super friendly and easy to talk to.



SYD: How long have you guys been playing together? Has it always been just the two of you?


BOB: We’ve been playing together for about 3 years now. A little over 2 years as a two piece. We had a bass player for the first 6-9 months. He left on good terms, just had life stuff to deal with. When he left we decided to try it as a 2 piece and have never looked back.


SYD: What is the origin behind your name? Was it a group effort or individual?


WARNER: Group effort for sure…we had a group text going and there were probably like 10-15 names thrown around before I suggested Brother O’ Brother. But Chris had mentioned wanting it to be something about a brotherhood. So that’s what made me come up with it.


SYD: At the gig that night (at the Sinking Ship) how did you feel about the venue and the experience overall? Had you played with either of the other two bands before?


BOB: Sinking ship 2 is an awesome venue! The staff is awesome, the food is great and the room sounds amazing. Moxxie and Gypsy Moonshine are both comprised of friends of ours. Both bands know how to command an audience.


SYD: How many shows do you think you have played to date? Do you ever venture outside of Indianapolis?


BOB: We are in the road a ton these days. We work really hard to do as many dates as we can. This year (2016) we will close out with right around 100 shows for the year. We’ve played somewhere between 20-30 cities this year and it has been awesome. We’ve probably done about 250 shows over our time together total. 2017 is already shaping up to be huge! We will also have our new full length out next summer.


SYD: What are some of the artists or groups you really admire or look up to? Who would you consider influences for your sound?


BOB: Obviously the White Stripes and the Black Keys are a huge influence on our style of music for sure. Jeff the Brotherhood, MC5, Jimmy Hendrix…all major influences as well. We really just love any band that goes out there and puts on a SHOW.

SYD: Do you have any kind of message that you want to get out to the world with your music, or is it just for fun?


BOB: We have a blast doing this. I think it shows in the high energy, weird show we put on. Our music definitely has a message that is rooted in our own personal faith and life experiences but is applicable to anyone if any background. It’s all about positivity and love. No matter where you come from or what you believe your life will be better if you share love with others. So we try to convey that message in all of our music.


SYD: Tell us about one of the craziest shows you have ever played (or a really memorable experience at a show).


WARNER: I remember the first time that we ended a show and the crowd was deafening. It was our first time at Mile of Music in Wisconsin. We always have great crowd reaction which is such a good feeling but this was like a true “roar.” I had never felt anything like that before. I remember leaving and thinking, “Wow! We just played a sold out show and every single one of those people loved us.” It was mind blowing to me. I still get goosebumps every time that happens at a show.


SYD: Do you guys have any upcoming shows lined up? When and where?


BOB: We have a TON of stuff lined up to wrap up the year! Check out our Bands in Town or our Facebook for our full schedule. We’ve got stuff in Columbus OH, Nashville TN, Chicago, and a bunch of really awesome shows around Indy. Including a huge Halloween show on October 29th at Fountain Square Brewery. It’s going to be WILD.



Definitely go look these guys up and go to their shows. They’re phenomenal!
Stay tuned for more local band reviews!

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