Airospace: The Nerd Rap We’ve All Been Waiting For


By: Jessica Bishop

Even though my t.v. viewing consists mainly of cartoons, I’ve never really gotten into anime so I was a little apprehensive when I received an anime inspired hip hop album.  Anthony “Airospace” Alexander is a hip hop artist from Washington D.C. who writes, mixes, arranges, and records all of his own music. His newest album Senjougahara Volume 3 is based in context on the anime Bakemonogatari.

I’ll start this off by
15058634_671649239679293_493042220_n jumping into my favorite track from the album, “Insomnia”. I have probably listened to this track 6-7 times since I’ve received it. It’s got a Kid Cudi psychedelic hip hop feel, with just a bit of modern Tribe Called Quest mixed in for kicks.
There is just something about Airospace‘s voice that is soothing. Combined with beats that are not only clever, they match the vibe of the song perfectly, making Senjougahara Volume 3 the perfect album to light up, kick back, and stare out at a starry night sky and contemplate life to.

The piano in “We Rest Forever, Goodnight” is unexpectedly gorgeous. I have honestly never heard anything else like it. It holds a trance like grip upon your ears that flows throughout the song and finishes in what I am assuming is a clip from the show.

If you are looking for a modern revival of the underground 90’s hip hop, Airospace is the guy for you. You can find more information, as well as purchase this album at: . He has a new project coming up on November 30th, titled Analogues. You can also find some of his past work on SoundCloud, as well as follow him on Facebook at:



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