Fight Like Sin Breaks Ground With New Album, Singularity.


By: Jessica Bishop

When I first listened to Fight Like Sin’s new album, Singularity, I was taken aback. The professional quality recording and crisp audio wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a local band. Their sound is well rounded; It reminds me of the slight, emo-esqe alternative rock of my teenage years, only significantly less douchy. I could easily hear any one of their songs blending in perfectly to our local rock station. (Hey 93.5, I’m looking at you. Pick these guys up! We’re all sick of Five Finger Death Punch every five fucking seconds.)

is_photographic_1“Ever Hopeless” was the first song to really stick out to me. It has a little bit harder sound with solid vocals. “Fire Away” is full of melodramatic angst with quite the excellent breakdown towards the end. “Nightmare” was another one of my favorites. It has an almost anthem like feel and features melodic guitars riffs.


All in all I was very impressed with this album. Fight Like Sin is good enough to be touring alongside some national acts and I hope to catch them doing so soon. If you are interested in checking them out for yourself, their next show is Novemeber 19th at Jerilee’s Pub featuring Three Cities and Only Human! Check out more event information at this link:

You can purchase Singularity at:

Keep up with Fight Like Sin on their Facebook page here:

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