Hacksaw Body Slams Lafayette, Indiana


Article and photography by: Casey Diaz of TheRippOffShow 

Tonight’s show is at Carnahan Hall, located on Main st. in Lafayette, Indiana. Its a medium sized venue but the feel is warm an intimate. This show is being put on by Mad Hatter Productions. Mad Hatter is known locally for bringing in several larger comedy acts. As the crowd poured in and took their seats we went to the bar, got a drink, and found our way to our table for the show.
There was a couple of openers, but first was our “MC” for the night, Neil Snyder. Neil got the crowd warmed up and ready to go. With just a short few minute set Neil broke the ice with a few chuckles, but not wanting to steal the show he quickly turned over the mic to the next act.unspecified-2
Next up was Logan Cook, hailing from the funnier parts of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Logan kept the laughs coming from the crowd. His comfort with the crowd and the stage was apparent. His humor touching on subject from his love of wrestling, video games, and the conflicts of those with his girlfriend (who was in attendance)
3rd tonight was Patrick Murray. Indianapolis’s own Patric, or “Ptrain” to his friends, took the stage. I found my self struggling between full on laughter and “Omg! Did he just say that?!!,” all throughout his set. His mild mannered appearance was quickly off set by the strength of his jokes. All around he was very funny.

And now its time for our main event, tunspecified-6he head liner of the night and the WWE legend, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. People in the crowd chanted his familiar “USA!” as he took the stage with a thumbs up and his traditional “Hooooo!!!” What is there to say about hacksaw that we all don’t already know? Well that is why we are here. Hacksaw quickly fired up the eager crowd with some lively jokes that blended seamlessly into his wrestling stories. Many of these were “on the road” type stories like living the rockstar life of a world famous pro wrestler and all the highs and lows that come with it.

He started with tales from his roots. From high school athletics, to being drafted to the NFL by the Atlanta Falcons, and then on into his wrestling career. He spoke of many of the greats as well as behind the scenes stories that this wrestling crowd was thirsty to hear. He also had plenty of general humor for the non wrestling aficionados in the audience.  Regaling the crowd with stories involving the greats such as Jake “theSnake” Roberts, Teddy “the Million Dollar man” Debiasi, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and even “The 8th Wonder of the World” Andrea the Giant. unspecified-5From getting “themudslide” from Andre, to traveling the roads with Jake, as well as his famous (or more infamous) times with the iron sheik. Every story Brought back so many memories and “I remember when that happened” moments. It was great to see this living legend out and sharing these stories with fans. His humor and wit keep us enthralled while the around 90 minute set seemed to fly by.
Being the great guy that Hacksaw is, there was even a Q&A at the end for the fans to ask questions. After answering question and drawing the show to a close, Hacksaw hung out and signed autographs and other memorabilia that the fans had brought or had bought from his merch table ( which was ran by his wonderful wife of 32 years, Debra.) With her being so intertwined in many of the stories it was nice to met her in person. One guy had a picture of him and hacksaw together from 20 years ago, while another had a tee shirt from back in the day. Hacksaw was more then happy to talk and sign all of it as well as take pictures with everyone who wanted.

It was a great over all show and I am glad that I got to see one of my childhood heroes tonight. I strongly suggest if you ever have the chance to see him that you do it. Hacksaw is entertaining and it will have you pinned to the mat for the 1,2,3, count.


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