Court Ordered Takes Over Hollywood

Article by: Jessica Bishop

Photography by: Sid Vixen of Forgotten Aesthetics Photography

Addiction has never been a laughing matter, well until now that is. Court Ordered is a brand new cartoon that follows Los Angles comedian Erik Myers as he struggles with addiction and court ordered group therapy.

I first reported on Court Ordered when the show was nothing more than a clip on a Kickstarter page. (You can check out that story here.) The Kickstarter raised more than enough money and the show was underway.


Jay Davis, the voice of Dr. Goode the group therapy leader.

I was fortunate enough to be able to come out to Hollywood for the weekend and follow up with the show and see their dream come to fruition and of course take away my comedy club virginity at the one and only Hollywood Improv.

The best and most unique thing about the entire show is the all comedic cast, including Sam TripoliStephanie SimbariCraig Phillip ConantBecky Robinson, Jay Davis, Erin Darling, and of course Erik Myers. Before the cartoon premiere was shown, each member of the cast performed a small sample of their stand up routines. Eric Freedman, co-producer and writer, started off the night with his casual demeanor and disdain for fat chicks.

esBecky Robinson (as seen on Wild ‘N Out,) was by far one of my favorites of the night. Robinson plays a crazed sex addict on the show named Rochelle. Robinson has this down to earth, goofy sense of humor that comes through in her standup, as well as in the character she plays. (Becky if you’re reading this, I’m down for some Guinnesses and toe shaving. Holla at cha girl.)


Erin Darling, the voice of Myers’ girlfriend in Court Ordered.

Craig Conant was another of my favorites. When Conant isn’t too busy shitting in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, he plays recovering drug addict Skeet in the show. His character offers your typical stoner humor, complete with glazed eyes and pocket full of mushrooms

Capping off the series of performers was the star of Court Ordered, Erik Myers. I have seen Myers’ routine a couple times via Youtube, but nothing could prepare me for seeing it live. Even though I knew the punchlines to most of his jokes already, his delivery was so great that it was like hearing them all for the first time again. If you have had a chance to check out Myers’ stand up live, I really recommend doing so.

Finally the time came to show the cartoon and thanks to the excellent cast of comedians, the crowd was abuzz.

The first thing you notice is the bright, colorful animation by Tomorrow’s Nobody, Tony Celano.  I loved how the show was full of originality. The Family Guy/American Dad style of cartoon comedy has grown pretty stale as of late and it was refreshing to see something new. As I said before, the thing that stood out the most to me is the uniqueness of each individual comedian’s  style of comedy was apparent through their characters, while at the same time keeping the show flowing and put together. Let’s just be honest here, we’re all fucking sick of Seth MacFarlane’s voice haunting our dreams with bad reruns every night. If you’re looking for something new to veg out and laugh hysterically to after your last couple of bong hits, Court Ordered is the show for you.

You can check more about the show on their Facebook page at: Facebook.com/courtorderedcartoon

Or on their website at: http://www.courtorderedcartoon.com/


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