False Face Society: Masonic Temple Gig


Article by: Sid Vixen
Photography by: Clayton Mills

From the desk of the drummer, Naked Rameses:
On July 25th, my band False Face Society had a gig at the Masonic Temple in Crawfordsville. We learned of the gig on late notice, a week before the event. I was notified of a benefit show that would be happening that day in honor of the Orlando shooting victims. We were immediately interested and wanted to help out, so we signed on.
It was a rough week preparing for the event. We only had 4 days to practice and most of the practice time was spent trying to decide which songs we actually wanted to play that might not be too… well…out there.
We settled on about 5 songs and arrived for the gig at nearly 7pm. We had a half-hour time slot to play, which didn’t leave us much room for any sound check or set up. Immediately we were daunted by the experience before us, feeling we completely were unprepared.
I was personally more concerned than I might have been at another type of gig. This was a benefit event, with many upright kindly citizens in attendance whom should not be offended in any way- and I certainly didn’t want to. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what goes and what doesn’t when you’re faced with a different type of crowd, as a musician. Guitarist Ton-Chi came out as we were setting up and informed me we were only doing three songs after all. How disappointing, I cried! But we did have to leave out some of our set list- not enough time and the songs were too heavy. I am sure we would have been appreciated by some, if not all- but it wasn’t the place or time.
So we went on, after dealing with some technical difficulties. The only plug-in on the floor wouldn’t work, so we had to find extension cords… You know the drill. No time for sound check, and our time was running out while everyone sat in anticipation.
Band videographer/photographer Clay had assisted us in setting up and now took to the back to get some shots.
We began with a cover of The White Stripes: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself. I think it came across pretty well. Singer Dunwel was very crisp and clear. The room echoed so well I was concerned we were getting too loud and kept having to hold back on the drums. It was a beautiful venue and would be perfect for a larger louder event. I think this is one of my favorite songs by them though, and we did it justice.
We sort of blended into the next song so there wasn’t room for applause. We played Cocaine Blues, another cover originally by T.J. Red Arnall, later covered by Johnny Cash. Very smoothly done and there was plenty of applause to follow. We were very thankful the crowd enjoyed it.
After that we played an original, Corpse. We came up with the song a few years back and it’s always a fun one to run through. It seemed the audience enjoyed that one as well which was very nice. After that song, we quickly packed up and left. There were several acts to follow, but none of us were able to stay for the rest of the event.
False Face Society is planning some upcoming gigs as well, so stay tuned if you want in on the experience.


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