Gen Con: Day 0

Article and photography by: Brian Martin

So I would consider myself  a Gen Con veteran.  I have my old badges since the early 2000’s and have only missed two or three cons in that amount of time.  I have seen dice roll 1’s and 20’s.412ec547-ff4d-432d-8084-d35093fe2fe5  I’ve witnessed love found and lost on the convention floor; monsters slain and worlds burned.  Most importantly Gen Con is “Nerdvanna”  where geeks and freaks of all stripes are welcomed like family.

Gen Con doesn’t officially start until Thursday but the pre-parties were in full swing Friday night as 60,000+ gamers flooded into Indy.  The line for badge pickup was over an hour long by 6 pm stretching from one end of the convention center to the other, well over a city block.

You can’t walk 5 feet without seeing some one group of people flicking their fingers at imaginary Pokemon that are all over the downtown area.  Its easily the most popular topic of conversation for people waiting in line and walking downtown.

Sun King has setup a beer garden outside the convention center with live music and they have their full line up.  Including the Gen Con official beer “20 Sided Rye.” I like it. Having a second now.

Tomorrow the Con starts for real and I’ll be covering as much as I can for Drunk Octopus.

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