Artist Spotlight

Remember Eve 6? They’re Back and Kicking Ass Harder Than Ever!

Vogue2Article by: Jessica Bishop

Photography by: Brian Martin of B. Martini Photography

I had the chance to see Eve 6 a little over a week ago, which is something I never thought I would get to do. I remember listening to them on the bus on the way to first grade, sleepily belting out the lyrics to “Inside Out” along with my other bus riding companions, so when I found out that they would be playing a show in Indianapolis I was beyond stoaked. Vogue9

After a quick bite at an amazing little Cuban restaurant, we headed into the Vogue theater in Indianapolis. Light 90’s tunes played in the background and accentuated the soft blue lighting that shown over the large backdrop over the stage.

Christina Holmes opened the night with a powerful voice and a style of music that was similar to Colbie Caillat, if Colbie Caillat had a better voice and was a more talented lyricist. Even more impressive was that Holmes had a bit of a sore throat that night.
If her voice was that amazing on a sore throat, I can’t imagine how awesome it would have been if she were feeling completely well. She had a very friendly, charming personality that made you feel instantly welcome. She played an original called “Summer Fun”, that Holmes had wrote while “drunk on a beach one day.” If Corona were marketed to women, this song would be theme of that commercial. She pVogue8layed another passionate song called ” Follow Your Heart” that she wrote when everyone told her to do the opposite. All of her music that night gave you the warm fuzzies and couldn’t help but put a smile to your face. You can check out more of her work here.

A one man act called Oz was up next. He had the british punk look down, complete with messy hair and an impressive sticker collection on his guitar. Oz was quite the showman, not only getting up on the rail to engage with the audience, but he got right up off the stage and jammed out right in the middle of the crowd. It was like as if Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was British and left Paddy’s Pub for a music career, this would be his act.  It was a little bit crazy, a little bit unpredictable, and a shit load of fun.  You can listen to his music and find out where he is bring the crazy next here.

Finally after a short intermission it was time for Eve 6 to go on. Eve 6 is a three piece band from Southern California. They started out in 1995 and still consist of all original members, Max Collins (lead vocals, bass,) Jon Siebels (vocals, guitar,) and Tony Fagenson (drums.)Vogue5

Eve 6 opened up with “Leech” off their self titled album. The crowd jumped up and down as Collins hopped around on one foot while plucking away at his bass. Without even trying they got the crowd pumped up and dancing along with everything they had. Even Christina Holmes and Oz got into the audience and were dancing right along with everyone else. You have to be one kick ass band to have your opening acts get jiggy with it right beside your fans. Oz even stripped down to his underwear and hopped on stage to join them for a Eve 6 song before jumping back down again and buying the whole front row a shot or two.

Siebels and Collins played back to back while Fagenson played with such ferocity that the drum stage shook just a bit under his rhytVogue13hmic magnitude. The crowd’s good time was infectious. They even played their top hit, “Inside Out”,
also from their self titled album. Collins refreshingly explained that even though they had played the song a million times, they still were not sick of it, stating that the song gave them everything they have today. The audience was insatiable for more as they played “Superhero Girl”,
a song about a girl high on acid that sat next to Collins in class that pulled out her own pubic hair and handed it to him.

From the hospitable staff at the Vogue, to the awesome people at Dahlia Presents for putting the show together, and all the amazing acts that performed that night made the show a one of a kind experience that no one in the crowd will forget, except maybe the people doing all the shots in the front row that is. Getting to see a childhood favorite of mine not only still together with the same line-up, but even better than they were when I first fell in love with them. is truly heart warming and I look forward to even better stuff from them in the future. I will forever be an Eve 6 fan girl.

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