Siddin Around

Siddin Around: Trump and Dancing


Article by: Sid Vixen

What’s crackin, fantastic ladies and gents?
This week I will be reviewing a few more popular trending songs and their music videos. I usually go to YouTube for this, of course. Thank you 21st Century and the luckiness to be born in this fucking age.

Ariana Grande: “Into You”

We all know Ariana Grande is a very popular pop female singer icon at the moment. Pshhhh. I’m sure I can sing better. Ha! Anyways, I have never really been into anything she has done. That song with Iggy Azalea she did was okay, I suppose. Today, I am hearing a new song by her, “Into You.” The music video looks very summer-ish and like everyone felt the need to wear really pricey designer clothes because most likely they were sponsored by all those companies. Otherwise, how could they ever get the money for this shit? What I find hilarious is how for a large portion of the video she is running around with some dude who doesn’t really seem that into her in the first place, drinking wildly and literally-well… lots and LOTS of running.
Then there’s this scene that repeats of her dancing around in the middle of the desert wearing obviously what all people wear when they’re surrounded by fucking cactus.
I think she wants the thorns to touch her body… It is catchy. I’ll give it that.

Justin Bieber: “Love Yourself”

Onto another. How about his latest hit song, “Love Yourself”? The video was NOT at all what I expected. I’m half a minute in and I haven’t seen Justin at ALL. He’s such a big star! How could they do such a disgrace to him? It actually has me questioning whether it’s really his official video or not. I do love the line “If you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself.” This song and video do have a message, on a serious note. You should probably watch the video. The entire thing has a couple doing charades at each other to express their feelings of discontent and unrequited love.
All things that young people face. It’s totally normal for his age. He’s got talent, though. He is a decent singer and choreographer. When I first heard of him I absolutely hated everything. Sorry Mr. Bieber, it just wasn’t my style. I couldn’t relate, you know? Anyways, in 2013 I heard “Beauty and a Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj on a road trip to Las Vegas. It played on the radio just as we were driving near the Hoover Dam. My boyfriend at the time was with me, and we both just looked at each other and said “Man, I’m actually okay with this,” and we were. The breakdown was good, you know? We were so afraid to tell anyone that we liked a Justin Bieber song, it was hilarious. When we saw the video, we liked it even more; I remember us looking at each other again and saying “This kid’s got talent, he could be the new Justin Timberlake.” It was mostly the choreographed dance. Good dancing always makes a song better, in my book. The song was fucking shit.

T.I.: “Dope”

Now, let’s hear T.I.’s new song, “Dope”. I was never into T.I., but when his song “Whatever You Like” came out, one of my exes dedicated it to me or whatever, so I heard it a lot. Problem being, he was never that great of a rapper nor had anything remotely interesting to say. The fucking picture kills me. His face, man!
Okay so hot girls in lingerie, liquor, and the fanciest fucking car ever- and he’s leaning against it in the most normal appearing neighborhood. Is he vaping in his grand 38th floor apartment? Very important to spend at least 5 million dollars on this video alone. The music is terrible. Not even catchy, just absolute cookie-cutter hip-hop.
He just said “Fuck Trump all day”. I can get behind that. A bit bold of a statement coming from a guy throwing his money in your face and laughing about much better he is than you. He’s even laughing at you. “If your life ain’t like this, you should pray more.”
Well fuck you, T.I. What if I don’t wanna live in a city full of palm trees? I prefer mountains, maybe a pretty beach that’s kinda secluded. I pray that Donald Trump challenges you to a public debate so we can laugh at how ridiculously shitty the grammar would be.
Tune in next week for more exciting reviews of current trends in our very confused youth.

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