The Beer School Review

The Beer School Review: Mad Anthony Brewing Company


Article and photography by: Brian Martin 

So last week I had the pleasure of seeing a post from our editor, Jessica, asking who wanted to go drink free beer for the website.  Well, having a free friday evening and with my journalistic integrity at stake I begrudgingly volunteered for the assignment. Sometimes I love this job.   So “Beer School at the Knickerbocker” is a free monthly event where different breweries visit and set up a little taste and talk with the people of the greater Lafayette area.  This week Neil Davey from Mad Anthony Brewing Company came by with four different beers for a healthy crowd of more than 2 dozen patrons to sample.


Neil, who described himself as a “Merchant of Madbrew,” started by telling the story of the Brewery’s namesake, went over some of their accolades, and shared a bit of the history of brewing in Indiana.  Mad Anthony was the 9th Indiana brewery that has opened in the modern era and is named after a charismatic and eccentric revolutionary war general.  Located out of Ft. Wayne, IN this wasn’t the first beer school that has featured their brews at the Knickerbocker, and Neil was well prepared with a powerpoint presentation all about his beers.  Unfortunately, both laptops that they had to run that powerpoint was on the fritz so we got a verbal tour instead.

Beer #1: Auburn American Lager    4.6% ABV  21 IBU’s

This beer was an Gold Medal winner at The 2015 Great American Beer Festival and I could understand why.  This was a really smooth drinking lager and  I really enjoyed this beer. I wish I had a full bottle instead of a sampler.  It was a solid beer with just a hint of hops bitterness but I could imagine myself drinking these all night long.  I felt It would go well with a big beefy burger or a steak.  

Beer #2:  Summer Daze Wheat  5.4% ABV 12 IBU’s

This is a light and refreshing beer.  With honey and citrus flavors this reminds me of a shandy but less lemonade and more beer tastes. Its very crisp and sweet on the tongue.  I could imagine drinking this out a cooler in a canoe on a float trip. This seasonal beer would be welcome at any fourth of July BBQ.

BeerSchool4Beer #3:  Good Karma IPA 6.5 ABV 55 IBU’s

I’ve never been a huge fan of IPA’s.  A lot of hard core beer drinkers maintain that they are the best beers around and strong hops are the true flavor of beer.   While I could see someone really enjoying this beer and it does have a very pleasing palette; I personally wouldn’t order it.  However, of all the IPA’s I had this one I dislike the least.

Beer #4: Ruby Raspberry Wheat  5 ABV 8 IBU’s

A Gold Medal Winner at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival.  First thing that goes through my head as I take a sip of this wheat beer is “wow that’s different.”  The raspberry make it tart but sweet.  It’s kinda like drinking berry punch.  It’s a very strong flavor that you wouldn’t naturally associate with a beer but in this case it works well.

Join us this week for the Oskar Blues Beer School at the Knickerbocker on Thursday evening, 6-8pm.

Find more of Mad Anthony Brewing Company at:

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