Artist Spotlight

It’s All I Want, It’s All I Need


Article by: Dick Blaine Tyner

Roaring into life, Only Human kicks off their second release, “No Redemption” fiercely with opening track, “Bleed Out.” An intense and driving verse ensues and you are taken prisoner by vocalist Shane Reed as he sings to us what is plaguing him. “It’s all I want, it’s all I need: to bleed out from your memory.” the catchy chorus line will be stuck in your head for days.

Only Human is a heavy metal band hailing from Frankfort, Indiana. Made up of guitarists Aaron Crick (also of Born Under Burden) and Marcus Parks, bassist Ryan Lewis, drummer Kyle Elliot, and Shane mentioned above, Only Human is one of the tightest bands in the area. Signed to local label MidwestHell Melodies, “No Redemption” was recorded by founder Dan Favors at his humble abode The Dooms Day Compound, and released May 21, 2016 and clocks in at six bad ass tracks.

A few months back I got a sneak peak at the album in the days before its final polishings, and it was sick. I had no idea what the finishing touches would have done though, and it has really come to life.“These walls are closing in, and I lost my confidence. I lay here shaking now, under this gray sky.”

“I Want You Back (From The Dead)” is a song I had heard live many times, and it was great to finally hear it put down in recording. So much passion and love shines through in all of Shane’s and the band’s writing. I remember bugging the band several times about recording this song, and finally I have it and can jam it on a regular basis! The song really hits home for me, as it would for anyone who has lost someone very close. “I Want You Back” is the slowest track, but by far the most heartfelt and passionate on the album.“I see the strength inside you, will rise up and stand beside me? I know the enemy is overwhelming, but our strength is never ending!”

The real gem that makes this disc shine is the track, “Diamond Heart.” It is heavy. It is heartfelt. It is inspiring and motivational. It is passion put to words and music. “Diamond Heart” was essentially the first single off the record, and was released in demo form last summer, it has been a fan favorite and big point in their set ever since.

The remaining songs are every bit as great as the three mentioned. Filled with big riffs, catchy lyrics, singing, and memorable moments. No Redemption keeps our slice of MidwestHell strong. Such a fantastic and heavy album, my only complaint is Shane’s attempts at screaming in the high range, and that is only because I know Shane is such a solid vocalist in both clean singing and screaming. That being my only qualm, this album is a must pickup for fans of metal and hard rock alike.

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