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Australian Artist TROG Talks About Working With The Offspring, Eyeballs, Thickshakes, and More!!

Article by: Jessica Bishop

A Facebook friend recently introduced me to TROG‘s work. I was instantly captured by the bright colors and sheer detail his pieces entailed.  His work is a veritable buffet for the eye, with new details emerging from his work every time you take a look.  TROG set aside some time from his busy schedule of creating these colorful, multi-demential works of art to tell us what it’s like to be an artist in today’s world.

image copy 4

What got you into art? 

“Not sure, I suppose I was just that kid that alway drew and scribbled stuff n kept going..  People are born with different skills, I was born an artist, it always came natural to me.”

Is there anything in particular that inspires you to draw?

“I think inspirations are taken in subconsciously then become images in your head, etc.  You get that image stuck in your head and you’re thinking about it and need to let it out. Bongs have always inspired me, and eyeballs, I love those two fuckers !!”

image copy

Are there any particular artists you look up to?

“Oh yer.  RICK GRIFFIN (RIP), the fuckn’ king, hands down !!!! Then Robt Williams, Stanley Mouse, Robert Crumb, Ed Roth, Gilbert Shelton (those guys paved the way.)  I also love the artwork of Jim Phillips and Coop. Now a days kinda guys I’d say Dirty Donny, DH and Jimbo Phillips.”

Are there any particular commissioned pieces you especially enjoyed doing?

“THE OFFSPRING pieces for the 20th Anniversary of the album, SMASH !!!! That’s once in a lifetime stuff !!! Then on the cannabis side I’d say my Tommy Chong stuff, that’s a great honor to draw pieces for him to sign. Then stuff that I look forward to each year are like the Hash Bash, Bong A Thon, and Cali Cup. I always dig those event posters and try and out do my last years one, etc.”

image copy 2

What are some of your hobbies/or interests besides art?

“I surf and skate. That’s pretty much it.”

What have been some of your struggles as an artist?

“Ya know what, people always carry on about struggling artists. I don’t really go for it. My art career has been hard as fuck to pursue, but it was my dream and I never lost sight of that so the rest irrelevant. Even if I never made it I would still be doing my artwork as I’m an artist, its inside me.”

image copy 6

What kept you going through those struggles?

“BONGS!!! Lots of BONGS!!!”

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I’m addicted to eyeballs!!! I love snickers bars!!!! I love thickshakes!!! And I love joints !!!


Like what you see? You can check out more of TROG‘s work on his website,

Find him on Facebook at : ArtOfTROG

And follow him on Twitter at:  TROGwastedart


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