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Saturday June 11th: The Return of Lafayette Metal Legends “Gorgasm”


Article by: Nick Maxson of the Doom Room 

June 28th, 2014. The last time the brutal death metal powerhouse Gorgasm graced Lafayette with an evening of slamming heaviness. Just days before, Lafayette Metal‘s loudest supporter, The Doom Room, announced the basement show via Facebook. By a drunken headcount, 150+ people showed up to witness the rare performance.
    The band went relatively dormant in the several months to follow. After gearing back up in the early Spring of 2016, the group is back on the saddle again. Nearly 2 years later, one of Lafayette Metal‘s favorite bands are coming back to town for an evening filled to the brim with local talent from all ends of the heavy metal spectrum.
    Saturday June 11th, The Doom Room and Lafayette Metal invade the Lafayette Theater down on Main Street, and it’s not been the first time. The Doom Room began booking shows in downtown Lafayette in April of 2014, and has consistently brought some of Indiana’s most talented metal, thrash, hard rock, and punk bands to the Theater. When Gorgasm announced their return, everyone knew the perfect spot.




    The group has done some traveling in recent months, dusting off the cobwebs and brutalizing eardrums in Indiana, Ohio, and beyond. With plans to hit all parts of the U.S. in 2016, the guys are ready to satiate the desires of their hometown hordes. These guys describe their style as brutal death metal, and you wouldn’t dare argue if you’ve heard their flavor. That, coupled with song titles such as “Stabwound Intercourse” and “Erotic Dislimbing”, let you know exactly what your ears, and body, are getting themselves into.

Find their music here.



    Lafayette’s premier thrash metal enthusiasts. Self declared “eternal metal preservationists”, their music will force your body to mosh, regardless of your will.
Find their music here.

We’d Be

    They are the Wielders of the Rum Gun. They are the Keepers of the Party Ghost. They are a bit of this, and a bit of that, but regardless of what you call it, Lafayette’s We’d Be is heavy. The group is excited to debut new material with their new guitarist, Kyle “Tex” Pedigo ,at this gathering of headbangers.

Find their music here.


Dawn of Dementia

    Forming in 2010, these dudes tackle technical death metal in meticulously crafted tunes that leave your face puddled in awe. The young guns have their focus set tightly on a newer project, Breeding Filth, leaving this reporter to assess that this show, as well as future shows from this particular brand of Lafayette bred melodic tech-death, will be a rarity.

Find their music here.


Elbow Deep

    Hailing from the northern wasteland that is Chicago, these gents are hell bent on getting elbow deep in your earholes. They style their music as comedic grindcore/death metal, and while some might not find content such as “Shut Up and Get In the Van” comedic, this reporter has a dark sense of humor, and would still encourage you to check it out.

Find their music here.


-Doors at 8PM
-Music at 8:30PM
-Tickets are $7 and available at the door

Any other information can be found here.  

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