The Moment


By: Sid Vixen

The moment I looked into your eyes.
The very moment.
Gaze all hesitant, yet holding something near I knew not yet…
My soul flew away, never so abashed.
We rolled among the fires, blowing glass animals as we sped past the countryside
Color me black as the night, ridden with the lightning of a thousand hurricanes.
We knew no one else, and they didn’t know us
Failure to communicate, yet we didn’t have to say a word
How are you so good without trying, mon petit amor?
I was in love all of my life until that moment…
That very moment.
We climbed through the darkness, wading amongst the seaweed and goats
Approaching us with such a disgruntled stare
Their power
It’s hard to begin when you don’t have an end…
The moment those words came, falling from your lips
The very moment
Softly sweet, concise with the most simplicity I had not yet understood
You sat unaware, the vibrations flowing.
We fell apart and back again, radios in our heads as we twined our fingers together
I became a symbol of destruction, rotten with all the flesh I had ever encountered.
Relation was unheard of, and it never really mattered.
We hold our hearts out behind squares of plexiglass
I always wondered how you saw such beautiful dimensions.
Forever I believed in nothing until that moment…
That very moment

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