Artist Spotlight

The Cost of Every Man; A Must Have Album for Every Metal Fan


Article by: Dick Blaine Tyner

Fronted by Youtube vocalist Ryan Strain, Recode The Subliminal has been hard at work for nearly two years writing their debut album, The Cost of Every Man, which was released earlier this year in March. Joining Ryan are guitarists Jaro and Devel, bassist Yen, and drummer Edward, all hailing from Central Europe with the exception of Mr. Strain.

For those who don’t know him, Ryan Strain has been a successful Youtube vocalist for the better part of the last six years. I came across his work when he did a vocal cover of my friends band Across the Sun. Since then I have followed him in his work and became good friends with him. His work has been shared by some of the bands he’s covered such as Soilwork and In Flames. Ryan has also been a vocalist for internet bands Sea of Trees, Diligis, Luminary, and Plaguestorm.

Where was I before I fanboyed over Ryan? Oh right, album review…

The Cost of Every Man is a fantastic full length album with many different styles of metal, there is really a song for nearly any fan of the genre. It’s a very cohesive and fun album filled with great memorable moments and passion in every note.

A lot of these songs are total bangers, your head will be rocking as you jam this CD. Songs like “Supremacy” and “Resistance” are a lot of fun while “At the End” and “Hope is Lost” bring out the feels. Ryan did a really great job with his vocals, and the rest of the guys kicked ass as well. The songs are very well mixed and sound fantastic. The guitar work is awesome, I really loved all the grooves and heavy riffs.

An instrumental track towards the end of the album titled, “Apocalypse” has an eerie sample of Robert Oppenheimer giving his famous “Behold for I am become death” quote, which gives me chills for days. The final track, “Hope is Lost,” features the Bellingham Children’s Choir, of Bellingham, Washington.

There are several moments throughout the album that really took me by surprise with Ryan’s vocals and I actually had to ask him to make sure he was the only one doing vocals on the album. Ryan pulled from just about his entire range and techniques for this album. His voice is the best I have ever heard it and his performance really drives this CD home.

Recode the Subliminal are currently working on their second release, but you can download The Cost of Every Man for free (or for any price you decide to donate) at the bands bandcamp page in the link below:

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