Reliving the People Vs Breast Cancer Benefit Concert


Article and Photography by: Brian Martin

The People Vs Breast Cancer benefit concert was held April 22nd at the Lafayette Theater  to a crowd of well over 200 supporters.  The event was held to support the Community Cancer Network , a local non-profit whose mission is to support non-medical needs of area cancer patients.  Over $5500 was raised in both ticket sales and other fundraising events such as a silent auction and a gift card raffle.  PVB2 Alex Bruce, an organizer for the event expressed her appreciation for the community support for the concert and added “without the support of the Lafayette Theater, this event would not be possible.”

Originally scheduled to perform was The Tratio Experience, Different Pulse, and Maggie & the Preacher; unfortunately the lead singer of Maggie and the Preacher fell ill and they had to cancel their appearance.   Different Pulse and The Tratio Experience picked up the slack and both performed long sets to make up the difference.  The crowd was vocal and enthusiastic all night willing to support the bands that made it out to play for a good cause.  

Different pulse open for the show.  This trio played a selection of covers from classic rock bands.  The Beatles, Tom Petty, and The Kinks all featured prominently in their set.  I’ve heard their songs a hundred time before but still found myself bouncing along with the obvious energy and passion this band put into their music.  They stayed with high energy songs that the crowd couldn’t resist clapping and dancing too.    They closed strong with “I saw you standing there” and the crowd loved it.  PVB3

The Tratio Experience a five piece ensemble that featured several acoustic instruments, a trumpet, a violin, and a guy sitting on some sort of box drum I’ve never seen before but was surprised at its versatility. I wasn’t sure what was about to see but I liked the setup.  They bill themselves as Lafayette’s premiere cover band.  It’s a claim that requires a bit of bravado and the band made a strong argument to support their case. “Hotel California”, “Wagon wheel”, and “You Shook Me All Night Long” were all strong well played covers that had the crowd going.  The only song I thought was a little weak was “Roxanne” by The Police.  It was well played but it needed a bit stronger vocals to back it up.  I just felt like the young woman singing it was holding back just a bit.  Regardless, the crowd ate it up and demanded an encore.  PVB1The guitarist came out and killed it with an acoustic cover of “Purple Rain” as a tribute to Prince.  Choked me up a bit to be honest. That sold me right there.

The music was there to support a good cause and was well worth the donation to see these two band perform.  Having lost someone to cancer I cannot stress how important events like these are.  If you can have a good time and support families that are struggling with this disease well why the hell would you not go?

To find out more information on the Community Cancer Network, click on the link below:



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