Artist Spotlight

Roots of Creation Has Your Perfect Summer Album With Livin Free



Article by: Jessica Bishop

Can’t get to the beach this summer? No worries. Roots of Creation has you covered with their newest album, Livin Free. I would like to start out saying that this is my favorite new album for the year 2016 so far. It is more than clear why Livin Free made it to the #1 spot on on the Billboard Reggae Chart upon its debut.

Roots of Creation is a six piece band consisting of unspecified-3Brett Wilson (lead vocals/guitar), Tal Pearson (keyboards/vocals), Mike Chadinha (drums/vocals), Nick Mini (bass), Billy Kottage (trombone/vocals), and Andrew Riordan (saxophone). Originating from New Hampshire, Roots of Creation has been making an impact on the reggae scene since the year 2000. 

The first bite into this album transports you to a sunset beach with purple skies, tan lines, and an ice cold adult beverage in your hand. By far my favorite thing about Livin Free is the sexy bass lines, funky keys, and smooth sax that is peppered in throughout the collection. There is a good mix of dance songs with some slower, more relaxing numbers thrown in just for kicks.

Refreshing, honest lyrics are also a highlight in Livin Free. “Policy”, featuring The Mighty Mystic and RumbleBucket horns, speaks out on a political level. “We don’t need your money, we don’t need your policies” opens up the song with a clear message of “fuck the system.” If you’re looking for something to dance to whilst  giving the finger to the nation’s 1%, this song is it.unspecified-4

“Struggle” featuring Melvin Seals is probably my favorite song from this album. (Hello Star Wars references!) Casual keyboard melodies complement the message of following your dreams, despite the struggle that comes with doing so.

Overall Livin Free is a must buy for every reggae lover, or just that wannabe beach bum that can’t afford a plane ticket to some sandy shores at the moment (ahem, me.) So do yourself a favor, light up some calypso sand candles (or whatever else you would like to light up), pop in this album, and transfer yourself to a one love fueled paradise.

You can purchase the full album at this link below:

Check out Roots of Creation’s website here.

Like them on Facebook here.






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