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Legendary Recording Studio Sonic Iguana Needs Your Help!


Article by: Jessica Bishop

I had a chance to visit the legendary Sonic Iguana studio for the first time just last week. My eyes grew wide as I gazed on the brightly colored albums covering the walls in childlike wonder.

IMG_5105-1024x682The black, squashy couches gave view to a large window overlooking the drum room, specially designed by Squirtgun bassist and Sonic Iguana founder, Massimiliano Giorgini. I felt in awe stepping into a place so important in music history, nestled right in my own hometown of Lafayette, Indiana.

Sonic Iguana started 25 years ago and has been a major influence in punk rock culture ever since. The studio boasts an impressive list of produced works including albums from Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio, and of course Squirtgun. The studio has also been host to several other well-known producers, including Mike Kennerty of All-American Rejects and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day


Unfortunately Sonic Iguana hit a patch of bad luck when an upstairs pipe burst, causing 70 gallons of water to flood the studio. The flooding damaged not only thousands of dollars in equipment but the floors and ceiling of the studio as well. The spill allowed water to become trapped underneath the floor and as a result caused the wood boards to bow and crack. The rising in the floor knocked several microphones down to the puddle filled floor and destroyed them completely. Entire chunks of ceiling fell to the ground.

In addition to the massive damage accumulated from the flooding, unspecified-1Sonic Iguana faced other problems. Last minute cancellations, equipment failures, and unpaid invoices  all lead to an unsure future of the beloved Lafayette studio.

Not one to give up, Mass created a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to repair the damages to the building and replace the broken equipment. In exchange for their donation, contributors will receive a variety of rare rewards ranging from t-shirts, limited edition autographed albums, even a chance to be an executive producer! Bands from all over the world have chipped in to help save Sonic Iguana, and have generously donated contributions to the reward packages, including Mike Kennerty of All-American Rejects singing back-up vocals for a song of your choice!

Although the initial funding goal has been met, it isn’t enough to cover the cost of a new mixing board. An extended goal of $10,000 has been made to cover the additional costs. If that new goal is not made the extra money will be used to refurbish the old board or buy a similar used model.

Sonic Iguana has been an important part of punk rock history for over two decades and now you have a chance to be a part of its rebirth! Even a five dollar donation can help, and it comes with a free download from an upcoming compilation album!

You can donate to the Sonic Iguana Kickstarter by clicking this link:


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