Looking back at the LaffyCon 2016 After-Party


Article and photography by: Dick Blaine Tyner

After a long day of nerding out at the 2016 LaffyCon, a silence fell upon the Lafayette Theater, located in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. Volunteers, vendors, and event organizers began the process of tearing down booths and decorations. The day had come to a close, and what a successful day it had been, but the night was just beginning.LaffyConAfter6

Following the convention, the doors opened once again at 8:00 P.M. for the LaffyCon After party. The party was a live music event with three bands from around the state performing rock music flavored heavily with nerd.

Beginning promptly at 9:00 p.m., the lights dimmed and a familiar sound came over the theater’s sound system: the opening theme song of Star Wars. Soon members of the band The Yavin 4 assumed their positions on the stage dressed in garb ranging from Jedi robes to Han Solo’s famous vest and Rebel fighter pilot gear. LaffyConAfter8The theme came to a close and the band began playing their own version of Star Wars themed music reminiscent of 1970’s rock and roll. It felt good, really good. With songs about characters and events from the series, the crowd really seemed to enjoy The Yavin 4. I know I certainly did. Songs such as “Han Shot First” and “TIE Fighter” really got me going and the crowd was singing along. Many laughs were had and the band closed their set with the humorous “Goodbye, Alderaan.”

Next up was a two-piece, Super Guitar Bros, and their weapons of choice:LaffyConAfter1 Acoustic guitars. Playing a variety of video game themes from classics such as Star Fox, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario, and many more, the Super Guitar Bros were an interesting part of the night. Both “bros” showed much prowess on their instruments and played seemingly with much ease. I was taken back by the sheer beauty of their sound.

After a brief break we were finally treated to the main event, Knight of the Round.

Knight of the Round is a heavy metal band that specializes in recreating themes and music that span the entirety of the Final Fantasy video game series. Having closed out last years LaffyCon (then referred to as “TippyCon”,) and having played in the depths of The Doom Room itself, Knight of the Round are no strangers to the fiercely attentive and loyal crowd goers that make up our beloved Lafayette Metal scene. Rocking out on eight string guitars, these guys really know how to bring the world of heavy to the worlds of Final Fantasy. LaffyConAfter4Knight of the Round do not disappoint and really tear into the songs with no holds barred. Thinking they were finished with their set, Knight of the Round were surprised by a rabid crowd demanding another song. As if using a phoenix down, our heroes were revived and came back to finish the audience off.

The night had been a total success. I and my fellow attendees left the Lafayette Theater completely satisfied with our day and our night. All of the bands were fantastic and brought their own brand of music to the table to be sold to our eager ears.


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