LaffyCon: A ComiCon for All


Article by: Jessica Bishop

Photography by: Dick Blaine Tyner

Adults and children alike celebrated the return of LaffyCon, Lafayette, Indiana’s annual comic book convention last Saturday. Several local businesses and groups got together to put on the all day event. LaffyCon3The day started at 11:00 a.m. at three different locations, including The Lafayette Theater, Carnahan Hall, and Main Street Amusements, all located downtown. The day started out with tons of free goodies, including a scavenger hunt throughout the LaffyCon vendors for a free autographed poster from John Tyler Christopher.
Carnahan Hall
held a Smash Brothers tournament as well as a Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier hosted by Legendary GamesLaffyCon5

Other events included an illustrations demo panel featuring John Tyler Christopher, “An Inside Look to Building Batmoblie Replicas” by Fiber Glass Freaks, “Costume Creating” by CosAwesome, and “An Inside Look into Paranormal Activity” presented by Wabash Paranormal.

During all of these events the Lafayette Theater was host to a wide variety of comic books and action figures that were available for purchase. Children in costumes could be seen running around the theater enjoying the free photo booth held by S. Rhoades Photography. Cosplayers of all kinds were walking the streets downtown. LaffyCon4Every hour or so they held a trivia contest with various prizes for the winners. Gorgeous artworks by Rebekah Smelser were available for sale at one booth. Tons of Lafayette businesses including Professor Joe’s, Luey Bows, Main Street Amusements, DT Kirby’s, and Spurlocks offered discounts and coupons to LaffyCon attendees.

The day was truly all about the fans. One of the best parts about the whole night was the passion that the organizers had for the event. Alex Cutter, one of the LaffyCon event organizers, said, “It’s a lot of work to put on and not to sound corny, but seeing someone that is a complete stranger having a blast at an event you put on makes it all worth it.” LaffyCon6Before the event they even gave out free tickets to some dedicated fans, including someone dressed up as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.  At the end of the night The Lafayette Theater held a comic book themed concert including a Star Wars theme band. The entire day was a blast and a huge shout out goes out to all the hard working organizers and participating venues for putting on such a enjoyable and Marvel-ous event. I am crossing off the days until I am able to attend the next LaffyCon.

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