Josh Mckenney Rocks Out the Java Roaster


Article by: Jessica Bishop

Photography by: Rachel Verplank

Twinkling lights upon the railing of the Java Roaster coffee house bounced off the exposed brink wall and created a warm and inviting atmosphere. As soon as you walked into the building you were handed a small red raffle ticket, good for a chance to win a CD and at the end of the night, a guitar. After I grabbed one of the best cherry cokes in town from the counter, I sat down and took in the relaxing atmosphere.

Josh Mckenney stood in front of a large window overlooking the busy downtown street clad in a flannel shirt and a newsboy hat, with acoustic guitar in hand.unspecified-2 Josh is a local musician that has been playing guitar since he was nine years old, and it shows.

His songs were the type of music you would play if you needed to go for a long pondering walk. His voice filled up the small coffee shop, and his sense of humor kept the set flowing smoothly throughout the night. He combines a bit of modern folk, with dash of bitter melancholy for flavor.

The headlights of the cars passing by danced upon the evening sky as Josh Mckenney played “Whisky Bottle“. “Whisky Bottle” is a beautiful soft song off his album, Here’s To You. It is normally accompanied by his wife, Ericka Mckenney. unspecified-1 Her voice complements the song perfectly and reminds me a bit of Zoey Deschanel.

Finally it was time for the last raffle drawing, and one lucky person that night won the acoustic guitar. Josh ended the night with a funky little rendition of TLC’s “No Scrubs“. I myself won a CD and now I sing along, terribly, to his music on my way to work. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up his CD yet, you can do so here. Then you too can butcher his songs on the way to your mediocre job. Oh yes son, I’m talking to you.

Go like Josh’s Facebook page here.

Follow him on Twitter here.



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