The Knickerbocker Saloon Gets Down with the Down Low Kickers

12946924_10209610745773886_1495017031_oArticle by: Jessica Bishop

Photography by: Casey Diaz of TheRippOffShow

The Knickerbocker Saloon is easily my favorite bar in Lafayette. The low lighting and friendly staff always put me at ease, not to mention they always know what drink I want the second I walk in the door. 12952764_10209610748373951_332648275_oOnce I received my customary Bud Light I made my way back to the tables in last section of the stage room.

The Down Low Kickers were taking the stage as I sat down. The Down Low Kickers are a local band made up of Levi Hession (vocals/guitar), Brand Pendleton (drums), Mitch Barker (lead guitar/vocals), and Alex Vissor (bass). Soothing and soulful, their down-home vibe complemented the relaxed atmosphere of the bar well.They played beneath a backdrop of a large cheering moose who looked like he may have had one too many.

They played a mix of originals and covers , 12947086_10209610748613957_1947425203_oincluding some Tom Petty an original song called “Take It All In”. The combination of soothing vocals and twangy acoustic guitar made “Take It All In” the perfect song for a short drunken slow dance with your sweetie.

The Down Low Kickers are a great band for relaxing around a campfire, beer (or two) in hand, with a handful of good friends.

You can check out more of their music here.






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