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The Doom Room Returns to the Lafayette Theater this Saturday

Article by: Nick Maxson of the Doom Room and We’d Be


The Lafayette Metal crew returns to downtown Lafayette to unleash their Raucous Variety Show, a spectacle of genre hopping madness featuring five of the Doom Room‘s favorite acts. With each band bringing an entirely different sound from all across the board(punk, thrash, power, stoner, avant-garde rock, and just straight heavy metal), there is surely a taste for all palettes. During the musical performances, there will also be a live painting by Ms. Elena Huang, commissioned by the Overlord of Doom himself, to be placed in his illustrious castle keep known by few and many as the Doom Room.



Indiana’s finest thrash. Unmatched in speed and beauty, they recently released their second full album, Reforged, in the midst of signing to Divebomb Records. Commonly compared to Dragonforce, and with good reason.
Check out music here.



Southern Indiana heaviness, reminiscent of earlier Mastodon. Forget your earholes; this is gonna rip right through your chest.
Check out music here.
Hailing from the north, these painted up gents bring the rock. They keep your head rollin’, with hints of blackened metal and a tasty combo of hardcore and punk.
Check out music here.

Bizarre Noir

Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe the avant-garde theater that these fellas bring. Their songs make you feel like you’re lost in a beautiful nightmare. You can look forward to Horse Face, their mascot, making his rounds in the crowd.
Check out music here.

Yesterday’s Chips 

Lafayette most cuddable punks have really honed in their set in their first year of rockin’. They have been working through a hilarious and relatable set of originals, as well as playing a strong combination of classic punk tunes. My suggestion:  bring something to break during their set. You never know whats gonna happen when the Chip Pit makes its appearance.
Check out their page here.
 You can find information on the even here.
  Find more Doom Room information here.

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