Thursday I’m Still Burning

Your face is in front of the eyes in my mind
My VHS brain is set on rewind

I play and I pause the moment I see
I’m tryin to be sly, but you’re lookin’ at me

That gaze you return is almost too much
I turn away blushed, and covet your touch

Pheromones and chemistry makin’ me flushed
I’m warm with an uncontrolled amorous rush

How do I tell you this longing I feel?
I don’t trust my heart, but this lust is real

How do I tell you all that I’m hoping
When all that I want is no strings attached groping?

Please don’t be judgy ’cause I’m not a whore
I just can’t help wanting a little bit more

It’s time that’s not friendly, and not on my side
You just look so damn good like a carnival ride

You’re all of that and a bag of chips on the side
My libidinous nature awaits to abide


Belles Lettres Submissions

Are you a poet, spoken word artist, writer, etc.? Do you have a short story you’d love to see published or just something you’d like to tell the world? Email your name, contact info, 3 things about yourself, and a sample or links to your work to drunkoctopusmagazine@gmail.com. Put “Poetry Submission” as the subject of the email. We humbly apologize, but submissions opportunities are currently non-paid. Submitting does not guarantee publication. Responses are not guaranteed depending on the number of submissions received.

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